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Friday, September 30, 2011

And what about now?

On date of July 2011, my overall investment portfolio worth 160 758.53$. On date of September 30, 2011, my investment portfolio worth 144 575.67$... That’s following the crash of August and recent recession feeling messing out the TSX. That’s represent a loss of 16 182.86$, but it’s actually not as terrible as it sound. I will explain why.

As you can see, I finally update my portfolio, it hasn’t been updated since a real long time but the exercise was a necessity, especially at this time. I wanted to have access to recent numbers to help me evaluate the reality better. And the reality hit hard with an overall accumulate lost of 16 182.86$.

Like many other, I am a victim of the market volatility. I lost more than 16k but I am confident the market will eventually rebound. Silver had taken a deep plunge and it hasn’t helped me because I hold silver in US dollars, in my RRSP AND TFSA... How I take it? Well, a 16k is not a 20k. It’s not a 50k. It’s not a 100k. It’s just what it is: a 16k lost. Nothing at all if you want my point of view knowing what's currently going on and for all the risks taken inside my portfolio.

I just recently hit the 5k in dividend income! 16k – 5k = 11k...

See, I am currently loosing close to 2k just with the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund itself so yeah F Sprott.


There’re different ways to analyze such lost - by being a bitch or an angel - but while being fully invested with no available cash aside, I was aware of the risk. Going through this had been a painful exercise but I am amazed because I didn’t lost more but I could definitively lost even more money among the way...And more than ever I AM READY ohhhhhh lol

But those are not definitive lost. The market will EVENTUALLY rebound.. I saw Buffet at television today. He had opened the US market this morning and it seemed like he was optimist about a recovery because the companies he own had growth. I believe in my chances so watch out. The game is not even over.

At this time, I strongly believe it’s crucial to continue to invest like I had been doing publicly since 2007. Maybe not the publicly part, but at least, adding quality blue chips will help for the long run. It’s not anytime soon that I am going to stop investing and forget about bonds. Quality blue chips can bring much more than what bond can do and I am not a Bond Girl, I am the Dividend Girl gotcha? By investing in stocks, I increase my chances of going through a complete recovery. I did it for the 2008 stock crash so better watch out, I am going to burn myself again and I am going to do it again. ALL OVER AGAIN.

This is my ultimate chance to put a maximum of cash in my portfolio. I currently have a 640$ I could invest. The only problem is what’s going to be my next investment. Ok, I said Enbridge (ENB), but I would like maybe some units of Sprott Strategic Fixed Income (SFI.UN) or something else and then after, at the end of October, I will be investing in Enbridge.

It’s getting more and more difficult for me because I already have a lot of stuff in my portfolio and I don’t know too much of what my next couple investments will be. Because of course, there will be plenty of other. I was thinking maybe making a comeback with BA since I don’t have anything regarding telecommunication. But yeah, it’s getting harder and harder.

I can’t wait to bring in some units of Sprott Strategic Fixed Income (SFI.UN) in my portfolio.

I didn't hear anything recently regarding the TMX-Group and Maple bullshit. It's because it's all that. Just SHIT that may go through. I am not reading anything about the acquisition. Is the deal dead? Or alive? It's alive because that way, Stephen Harper will have a direct influence on our economy and from that time, we'll be DEAD. Stephen Harper is going to kill the economy.

Are you ready for that?

I am not.


Anonymous said...

I'm taking my 50 bucks from TMX. I can probably buy Maple for half price in the future.

Funny said...

I really don't understand your math.

* In July 2011 you had $160,758 in investments.

* Between July and September, how much many stocks did you add/sell from your investments? You mentioned in your posts that you had add CNR & TRP to your investments.

* So the true picture of your current loss is = $160,758 - ($144,575 - Money used to buy stocks (about CNR: $1,200, TRP:$1,000) + Money from sold stocks) - Dividend received in the period (which is about $1,000) + Interest rate paid in the period (which is about $686)

* Roughly you lost $18,069 = ($160,758 - ($144,575 - $2,200) - $1,000 + $686), which is about 11% of what you had in end of July.

It doesn't sound as good as you previously posted, but it's better to have a real picture of how your investments are really doing.

Sunny said...

I don't believe in Maple. Once the acquisition completed, I don't want to have anything left of the late TMX Group. That's why I had choose a maximum of cash.

Well, for the math, maybe no one really get it, but at least, I understand myself!

I am only taking the rough picture: my portfolio worth in July - my portfolio worth in September. That's really all. I am not getting into the specific, I am not an accountant. Details don't matter, just the pic portrait of it.

Between July and now, I made some trades of course, but they are not being count - as said, I am only interested here in the big portrait, in the overall thing.

I would had made a terrible accountant.

Funny said...

I understand you are just posting a rough estimate of your portfolio performance, but I noticed you have the tendency of over simplify the math. You have made the exact same mistake in previous posts.

Keep in mind that if:

* In July you had $20,000 in your portfolio.

* In August you invest another $5,000

* And in September the market crashes and now you only have $20,000 in your portfolio.

* In this scenario, you would report that you did not again or lose any money and that your portfolio is strong and robust. However, you would have lost all the $5,000 you invested in August.

* This is simple math and I'm sure you are able to do that. If not, how can you know for sure you are making money in the stock market?


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