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Thursday, July 5, 2012

To be or not to be a sexy anonymous blogger

My portfolio closed yesterday session at a very good $123 840. Oh, not exactly… $123 840.98. LOL. It’s all in the power of the cents. And right now, the cents are quite powerful. So far for June, my dividend income had been of $669.99. I have no regret over breaking my DRIP on my non-registered portfolio. I am quite busy, it’s harder than ever to follow my stocks. However, the portfolio is doing quite well and I am very pleased.

As you know, I spent the weekend of the 1th of July in Ottawa. I haven’t seen my brother in almost a year. It was a fun weekend and the weather was perfect. I went to the Van Gogh exhibition, the Casino of Lac-Lemay, the Maya exhibition on Quebec side. I shopped at the Rideau Centre, went to the By Market, got my Obama cookie (once every year, that’s a good treat lol), I ate at fabulous restaurants and I probably gain weight. If you go to Ottawa, go to Radisson or Rodisson at the end of Spark, it’s really good. I also went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Somerset (?), all you can eat Japanese food on Rideau I think and I walked downtown, went to the Ottawa Jazz Festival and, of course, I was at the July 1th celebrations. It was quite impressive to see Jully Black live. Remember the HubPage article I wrote about her while back and remember that she wrote me on Twitter? Well, I finally got the chance to see a live performance of her. She was fabulous. Rock Voisine, Acadian icon was there live too and many other. All this to say that yeah, I had a fun time in Ottawa. I may visit again in August.

As you can see, I am doing well like a charm, the dividend income is quite good and my 4 months contract will end in September, bye bye la visite, bye bye Quebec. I am about to cash big on the Maple Group deal. Everything seems to be in order for the Maple Group to acquire the TMX Group Inc. (X). I had picked the maximum cash option, $50 per share. Following what, I will restructure my portfolio. Remember, I plan to hit the 6-6-6, 8k in dividend income. That’s about to happen soon. I just need to take some time to study. It’s quite a job on itself to invest in stock. Time is flying by and I have organization problem. Especially during summer.

Imagine what, I have received an email from Cimon Plante. That’s what he wrote me:

“Hi Sunny,

I've just stumble upon your website and I really enjoyed it! I am an investment advisor, in Montreal, for 7 years now and I applaud your financial acumen.

If you need info for a stock or you want to grab a cup of coffee, let me know!


By the way, Cimon Plante works in the same building where is located Blue Note (BNT).

First, we need to admire the gut of the guy. Mr. Cimon Plante wants to meet the Dividend Girl. Oh lala. Does he really know what he’s getting into? I mean, despite being married, I have to say, it was quite tempting to meet Cimon Plante to see what he would have to say. Fact is, yeah the man is married (I did my search – remember that I want to do like the Desperate Housewives of Vancouver now and married a millionaire) and I don’t like to lose my time in meeting that will just drive me no where. Why will I go have coffee with a married man? Also, meeting someone like this will rip off me as being a sexy anonymous blogger. A man will know who I am, what I look like. Do I want that to happen? Certainly not. Do I want to meet Cimon Plante? The answer is not no, but I prefer to stay away from married men. Because married men are what they are: married.


Fact is, no matter how charming they sound and no matter how good looking they are, please, for the sake of God, stay away from investment advisors, especially Quebec ones. Here in Quebec, society suck. Just follow the education crisis in Quebec, follow those students coming from outside Quebec who are getting ripped off by Quebec society, listen to the outsiders like myself getting over-tax while living in Quebec and not being able to benefit from health care. Listen to the anarchists, those who have no respect to our Royalties, to our roots. I mean come on. Quebec society is a whole piece of shit. Never give your trust to a Quebecker, never give directly ANY of your money to ANY financial advisors of the like of Cimon Plante. Quebeckers are not trustable. They are vulnerable, they don’t pray God, they have no religion. The Quebec popular mass is completely disgusting. They are selfish individuals who only think for themselves.

Cases like Earl Jones are not isolated here in Quebec. In their freshness, people think that advisors are there to help. It’s not true. They are only sale people who touch commission on investment they sell out and, even worst, it’s easy to lose your money. In a case like Earl Jones, some people never gained back the totality of the money they had lost in the hands of the criminal. So wake up, be smarter than the 99%.

Go there, invest by your own and kick some ass. It’s easier than what you think. My blog is the real proof that anyone can save money no matter how little they gain. Take in consideration that we live in a capitalist world, there’s nothing you can’t do about it, if not just to fully take advantage of it. Poor don’t have to become poorer. If you can eliminate all luxuries from your live, big car, big house and big whatever else, you’ll be able to make it. Myself, I am almost there. How would you feel not having to rely on an employer or anybody else other than yourself to make a living? That’s what success is all about. Not having to deal with stupid employers, not having to deal with laid off. Your financial security will be your big finger over all that. Of the poison of life. No investment advisor is able to do that for you. They are working themselves their ass off to pay their big mortgage and luxuries etc. Why would you trust financial advisors? Do you know who they are? Do you know what they hold as investments? No, you don’t know anything about them. They are completed strangers. In front of strangers, don’t have any money talk, if not just the Dividend Girl because well, you know me now.

No one knows what will happen tomorrow on the stock market. There’s no magic trick with the investment game. For that only, I own Derek Foster big part of what I have today. It’s unbelievable how much his books help me to build in a portfolio by my own.

I wrote about my experiences with Quebec financial services, with banks, Desjardins, BMO Bank of Montreal, Manuvie etc. It’s really important that you read them all (in other word, you need to read all of my posts of 6 years of happy financial blogging). Get in touch with Quebec reality read about all the shit I went through to build myself a portfolio. They wanted me to fail, but I succeed. Ok, well, it’s not anytime soon I will stop working but more than ever, the whole investment game is getting interesting. In other word, I seriously begin to kick some ass.

LOL. So for that reason, sharks are around. RBC Royal Bank is increasing my credit line of 3% and Cimon Plante wants to meet me. In your wildest dream baby.

The only Quebecker I trust from the heart is Jean-François Tardif. I trust him and only him for many several reasons. I don’t think I will get rip off by him, sincerely. It’s not all Quebeckers who are bad of course; I speak in general terms, but please, watch your back. Don’t trust anyone, if not just a man. I like JFT because he doesn’t hold a stupid MBA title. AND he went back on the public investment scene after making millions. He didn’t need to come back, if not just for me (I KNOW LOL). To help me increase my overall income through his JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN). So see, in other word, Jean-François Tardif is all mine and I don’t want to get out of the anonymous blogging scene because being anonymous is HOT and Jean-François Tardif is F hot too.


Anonymous said...

You're correct that most people can invest for themselves and do not need a financial advisor. However, you are an example of the rare person who is in desperate need of an advisor to sort out your disastrously bloated portfolio and numerous debts.

Sunny said...

At least, we both agree on one thing.

Look more closely at my debt: most of all them are all tax deductible - for the interest.

I get a good tax credit over the student loan - that's why I only pay the minimum on it each month.

All the debt I hold, at the exception of the RRSP loan and the American Express are tax deductible. The American Express debt is my only consumer debt.

I may have pushed the button a bit too hard on the DEBT but hey, if interest are tax deductible, what the heck.

DEBT = more money for you on the long run. Or something like that.


Have a great SUPER Saturday!


Ruth said...

Sunny, why would you have so much debt other than a student loan which i can understand but american express, you never buy anything and even if the interest is tax deductible, you still are paying interest and that is like throwing away your money that you gained in dividends and how are the principals on the stocks holding up..pengrowth cut the dividend to 4 c.JE is under water and so are a lot of the stocks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-How are you going to replace the $15.34 which you get every month from Pengrowth?

Does this throw you budget into disarray?


Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

I never buy anything? Its quite charming, but not exactly right. I am frugal, but not extremely frugal. I go eat out, I go the movies sometimes, I drink wine, beer... I buy some clothes once in a while. I bought 2 summer dresses while being in Ottawa... I paid the art class I took while being in New Brunswick with my American Express card and a bunch of other things..

I limit my spending, but I do spend sometimes. My American Express have that super low interest rate of less than 1% until next December. Those are consumer debt. But for the rest, its all debt related with my portfolio.

At the exception of a RRSP loan, all debt related to finance a portfolio are tax deductible.

Currently, I am at $122 303 with my non-registered. I am off of 4k.

The market has its up and down, its like that.

PGF has cut its dividend and it was a good decision to take. Myself, I stick to it, the PGF has been in my portfolio for a while now. I like PGF. Its common sense for a company to cut its dividend during rough time. Don't expect only increase.

This is another reason why its really important to have an ultra diversify portfolio. Some of your stocks will increase their dividend, some will decrease it etc... Some companies will do well, some not too well. That's how it is.

JE is kind of volatile. You need to be able to take it went it goes down. But it will go up again later on. That's what I believe. But I could be wrong.

Once again, that's why you need to diversify your portfolio. The diversification rule is EXTREMELY, VERY VERY important.

No one can predict how good or bad will a company doing on the long run. By diversification in different companies and different sectors, you protect your assets.

I am off of 4k, but that's pretty good knowing the reality we are in.

I like JE and Rebecca MacDonald very much. I will always have JE in my portfolio. The trick is to be able to understand the difference between a stock living a normal volatility on the market AND a stock that's down and that won't be around for long.

Its not because a company decrease its dividend that they won't be there next week. A mix of factor is playing, stay alert, but in the case of PGF and JE, its a normal volatility. Nothing to worry about.

I have those debt because I always wanted a 100k+ value portfolio and the only way for me to create that kind of richness was to get it artificially, with money not belonging to me.

I always get what I want. Or almost.


And now, I want 200k for my 32th birthday!

Sunny said...

Hi Mark,

I will be off of less than $20. Its annoying, but not the end of the world. I may be able to invest later on to recover. I guess my dividend income will be lower for a little while. I will have to deal with it.

But soon, Maple is going to buy TMX, so I will have more than 5k to reinvest. I didn't select anything yet, but I plan to recover a bit that way.

Ruth said...

i love your attitude, your always upbeat, i will say that. i feel sometimes one is better to bite the bullet than to keep a falling knife as Pengrowth is. i sold mine at a loss,,,(dividends lightened the loss but made NO money on the stock but am out) if natural gas doesn't improve..pengrowth won't. i think there are times to bite the bullet..if je ever goes back to 14 , i am out this time for sure.

Ruth said...

do you think that perhaps we are in a trading market as if the stocks are up one day...u can bet your bottom dollar they are in sell mode the next...i cannot remember a good solid two day run. i sold Sea drill at $37 , made $600 and dividends the next day the stock was selling at $35.50...i will probably buy back when it hits $29 or $30.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

You sold PGF? Its not the first time PGF is decreasing its dividend. Myself, I always hold it because its a Derek Foster stock.

Funny thing being that now DF seems to be only holding US stuff but hey, what the heck.

I am not very scare of holding stocks who are under the knife. PGF will probably recover later on.

Its kind the same thing with EnCana (ECA) that I bought at something like $30 per stock and now are at $20 or so... I still hold ECA for many reasons, I won't sell it and make a loss in my portfolio. From the start, I invested in ECA because they have very large gas reserved. The problem being that now, gas had gone down in the value. But that come in different stage. Down now, but in a couple of years, it could go up, I don't know.

Fact is, when I invest in something, its because I like it and the Canadian market is not that large. So when I like something I stick to it. But I sell when I feel its a necessity, just like I did with Yellow Pages. It wasn't an easy decision to take, but I was able to generate thousands from my sell. If I would have stick to it, I would have loss thousands...

The trick is to be able to recognize situations that equal to trouble and situation that equal to a "normal" stock volatility. So far, I find it easy to recognize the situations, it take however a good follow up on ALL of the stocks in my portfolio. And I now have quite a few of them so.... yeah, a lot of work.

Your second comment is interesting Ruth. The market comes in phases, one day up, the other day down. Its time to sell when its up and its time to buy when its down. I am not huge on that because I love to stick to what I like and buying-selling like that request a lot of determination, if I can say it that way. That approach will certainly maybe more of the like of Jean-François Tardif.

Buying and holding forever could be just a myth for lunatic who desperately LOVE their stocks. I may be one of those lunatics in a way.

But on the other hand, I am still working, doing freelance etc. so do I have time to actually time the market. Ok now, is it a good time to sell or buy, if I sell now, could my stock go up tomorrow... WHAT IF? I mean all those factors are hard to manage. You need to have a lot of time in your hands to be perfect at that game. And I don't have enough time to be perfect. But I am already perfect anyway. Don't you think so?


Ruth said...

thinking that if you are perfect, it is the way to believe in yourself. i hold enbridge, bce and pembina, bell aliant , inter pipeline, apple and Manulife..ugh..and of course my biggest loser holding all of these but for je and i sold pengrowth before the dividend cut as i knew it was coming and the stock falls more. i did sell 200 pengrowth back when and made a small profit.

believe me..i would rather hold as the dividends are handy and bce pays over 5% am waiting for TD to fall and will buy that.

Sunny said...

;) Yeah... I am perfection.

A Young Investor said...

Congrats on the portfolio! I wish I could make that much from dividends, but dividend investing just doesn't fit my style.

Sunny said...

Thanks. :)


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