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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some stuff going on for our Westshore Terminals

According to TD Waterhouse:

"Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation Stapled Units
TERMS AND CONDITIONS:Please be informed of a Plan of Arrangement between Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation and Westshore Terminals Holdings Limited. As a result, holders will receive one (1) common share of Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation (WTE (TSX)) (96145A200) for each stapled unit of Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation held."

We'll talk about this later.


Can Know Anything said...

Hi Sunny. Luv your Blog!!
I dabble with Derek Foster's
strategies and to my big surprise they work!!
I wrote a wee ebook about debt free investing, that is on sale this month only for 1 dollar

here's the link:

Sunny said...

Derek Foster strategies really work. I think my blog is the living proof that yeah, its actually working! The Stop Working strategy, a strategy that work for us instead of us going working lol.

I will go buy your book! I cannot wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hi sunny- iminitation is the best form of flattery. Like christian girl, i believe in derk foster's strategies too-and you can actually see your dividends compounding

Sunny said...

LOL :)

We all agree than that I am perfection. Right on.

The DF stuff really work, that's for sure! A 200k could bring in enough for a living. My only mistake was to invest money in a RRSP. One of my mistakes... Miss perfecta is not sooo perfect after all lol..

But hey, if his strategy doesn't bring us to early retirement, it would have help us to SHOW OFF and blog about money and earn dividend and get better financially speaking.

Its show time.

Have all a nice summer.

Anonymous said...

an idea for your next blog... what's your thoughts on the recent pengrowth dividend cut?


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