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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ready? I am

Hello, dear readers of the Dividend Girl? Missing me? I had been unusually quiet these days but that’s because I am unusually busy. My day-time contract will end by the end of September and I am trying to “plan” the rescue-me-that-pretty-girl plan. Either way I have my unemployment benefit valid and available to me at any time until March 2013 (THANK YOU UNCLE HARPER!), I am looking forward to, well, you know, do something with my life. At this point, my dividend earnings are doing great, but it’s not enough to support my living. So I am looking for freelance stuff and I am actually doing well since May.

Now, work is getting more and more available, so I am just like working most of time. I began that new thing, “trying” to wake up at 5 am to work until 8:45 am, going to my daytime job from 9 am to 5:30 pm, reading emails during my lunch break, hitting back the freelance table from 6 pm to until I can take it anymore. I am actually able to wake up at 5 am a few times during the week, but not every single day. I am making that X huge amount of cash, but I am spending too. I rack up to $900 in expenses on my credit card! But that included the little July 1th weekend trip to Ottawa. I realize now that I didn’t even post a single pic of my adventures in Ottawa. You’ll have to wait because I didn’t even download the pictures from my iPod yet. Just tooooo busy.

But I have enough time to tell you this: the mountain lion hero man is back! For the active readers of the Dividend, this is only for you, our hero is doing well but suffers from health problem; that’s why the man had been quiet. But he’s back in the stock game so watchhhhhh outttttt!
The only question being: are you ready for what will follow?

Want to hear the voice of the man?

Ready? Ok, GO:

“Hi Sunny (that's me!)

From now until at least March 2013 or even Sept of 2013 are going to be pretty bad. (I am not expecting a good stock market, I had been working at paying a 10k credit line at RBC for partly that reason) Greece & Spain are messing with the market (I knew that) and now China's market has hit a low matching March of 2009 ("the crash") (I didn't know that!)

I've gone to 30% cash. (WOW!)  There should be some good buying opportunities in the next
6 to 8 months.  TSX could drop below 10,500 (maybe more). What do you think? (I think so too, it won't get better anytime soon, too much euro shit)

Ive been converting to dividend paying stocks (I love dividend too, easy breathy beautiful extra $$$) because I don't believe there will be much growth for a few years.  Ive moved into pipelines (I am into pipelines for a while too, ENB, ENF, PPL = my very love super stocks), power and REIT stocks (5% to 11% div) (be careful with stocks paying over 6% div. High dividend yield are yummy, but sometimes dangerous, just my advice. You know I appreciate you right? BE Careful PLEASE)

Have you got any good Div payers?

Dundee REIT (D.UN) keeps on growing (just bought a big bulding in Toronto) (oh lala Toronto, I never been in Toronto) Check it out (thank you for the pick!)

I've bought "Two Harbors Investment" (TWO) - an American REIT that looks to hold
or grow a bit (only 300 shares below $10.50) - Check it out. (I only invest in Canadian dollars at this time because I am on a big fat margin)

I've been picking up some "Big Bank Big Oil Split Corp" (BBO) 800 shares so far.
I've been paying $9.50 and less.  I think it's a good long time hold.
I have an order in for 300 more at $9.37 right now.  Check it out: (I LIKE THIS ONE. the title is a bit volatile, but adding a few stocks in is of an interest for the Dividend Girl LOVE IT)

I have had some luck by finding good stocks with LOW volume.  I put in a bid for a month
that is 20% low and every once in a while I'll pick up 100 to 300 shares from someone, on
a day that he just HAS to sell - and I get them. it seams to work 10% of the time.  It's a lot
of work. (you are such a good investor!)

If you have the ability to record TV you should record a US financial program:
CNBC "Squawk Box" (3:00 AM Pacific time) (I don't have TV)
Lot's of information and interviews with top economic and political experts.
Another good program on Saturday is CNN "Your Money" (politics & Finance) (Thanks)

So where are you living now - where are you working - how are you doing?
(I am in Montreal until the end of September, contract what I do? I won't post it here lol)

I had a mild stroke 4 months ago (oh no!) but all is fine now (ouf!!!).  Had kidney problem, it's fixed now.

Summer has been strange - much cooler - way to much rain (6 months rain in 2 hours)
Floods and landslides in the area (we're okay so far).

You HAVE to see the movie To Big to Fail” (I will try to rent it)

We all like u, mountain lion hero.

We are now going to change of topic, if you don't mind.

In his "The pursuit of yield" letter, Gordon Pape is trying to explain that the only way we can get interesting dividend yield with low risk is by purchasing his newsletter or going for under-paying dividend of the like of 2%. Well, I can advice you that Gordon Pape knowledge of what is available out there is very very low.

My secret name itself Sprott Strategic Fixed Income Fund (SFI.UN). SFI.UN is in the category of the safest kind of investment available on the stock market scene: fixed income. Usually, fixed income are extremely boring. The asset type is GIC, bonds, treasury stuff... You see what it is? All the extremely LOW paying stuff that you don't ever want in a portfolio.

However, Eric Sprott is among the genius an his team is able to generate extra powerful dividend yield on the fixed income class. Look for yourself, SFI.UN dividend yield value is of close to 8%. SFI.UN value is stable. Units were in sale at the time of its release at 10$ per unit. Of its life so far, SFI.UN never went under the 8$ per unit. The investment if pretty reliable. However, don't expect the investment value to grow, at least not at this time. However, SFI.UN is a good investment to feed you in what the Dividend Girl like the most: DIVIDEND.

So see, you don't need to give one single buck to Gordon Pape to learn more about how you can enjoy the stock market by regulating the risk.

I was quite disappointed by reading in here that an MBA help people manage their money. MBA diplomas don't worth anything. What worth something and bring in cash is the market experience. No need to spend 100k on a diploma to learn. Individuals need to learn the power of their money by themselves. No teachers can never teach you what I am giving you right now as information.

YOU are a lucky reader of the Dividend Girl. Don't be an idiot follower. The stock knowledge doesn't exist. Its only a trap to make you spend thousands to hear some arrogant teachers. Don't believe them. Be aware. Now, you know.


pattirose said...

Great post Sunny!

I love the different colors in the post as it makes the conversation easier to understand, I also love the mountain lion hero and happy to hear he's ok.

Liquid said...

Looks like you've been really busy D-Girl. But that's good I guess, keeps your mind active and sharp. The mountain lion hero sounds like an interesting character. Investing is all about creating a better future life. Good luck to him on his future health.

Anonymous said...

You bought Sprott Inc (SII) for the special dividend at $10, not its value is $4.80 or something. You have lost more than 50% of your investment. You lost a lot in other Sprott picks (silver, etc). Now we understand that how Eric Sprott became billionaire cus of people like you. Also, good things that you didn't have money during the facebook IPO. Otherwise, you would have buy facebook share at $40. I told you it will go below $20 (see the comments in your facebook article). So, you want to secure your capital, please stay away from Eric Sprott and his associates.

Sunny said...

Thanks Pattirose!

He's doing better now. He always worried about his health even before and I was like how strange, what's the problem with that guy and gees, he was kind of right, he had that heart failure and kidney problems. But now, our man is doing alright and he's giving us some new stuff to check on.

We all like you, mountain lion hero man. Hope you read this ? and like it too. Sexy nickname, don't you think so? ;)

Hi Liquid,

The mountain man is a character and a very good investor. He made thousands of dollars on the market. Very powerful. He used to send me those email jokes and I was once response by saying instead of your stupid little jokes, don't you have something good about the stock market or something like it and he responses lol... It was hilarious!

He's an anonymous like anyone out there and he's as well as Jean-François Tardif on the market so yeah, I am a pretty luck rich girl :)

Very rich and very sexy.

Hi Anonymous,

YES, I did purchased some stocks of SII at 10 or close just to get some more dividend juice!

EVERYTHING is in here, to satisfy your impulse of I-want-to-know-in-what-that-Nikita-invest!


SII is a volatile stock. I still hold all of my stocks off SII so I am not facing a real lost here. SII was the first stock I ever purchased of my life, it was the first one. SII had paid very good in dividend. They have a bank project and they also acquired some investment firms. So yeah, right half of the value, but when silver will go up, SII will go up.

So I don't exactly agree with you but of course, Sprott is in the game to make money. I made some with him, the game is not over.

Silver and SII will go up again, eventually.

Sprott is an aggressive investor. Small investors like myself have to be cautious.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, RSI hit a high of 6.52....Maybe it will reach 7.

Sunny said...

My non registered portfolio closed at $126 123. Its all mostly up.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you sold some RSI to buy VSN

Anonymous said...

Quit slagging education. If u never studied business(es) & corporate & legal structures-if u can't analyze a balance sheet/income statement/cash flow--if u can't critically read an annual report (reports,footnotes and all)--if u don't understand taxation/different liabilities & costs/earnings recording & inputs & the business consequences of all of this--if u don't have a trading methodology (able to read charts/indicators) and a trading plan to keep emotions in check/losses to a minimum: all u will ever be is a blind follower to Brunner,Sprott, Tardiff, Mountain Man, BNN news, Cramer's MSN America, hold 'n hope mutual fund/ETF, someone's hot tip e-mail, or paying for some online newsletter. It takes work. It takes tools. It takes knowledge. Anony-degreed.

Ruth said...

am interested in what your capital losses are in this difficult market? it is fine to recieve dividends but i am interested in capital preservations..i notice just energy has come up several times in the business channel and all negative results..i do hope your right on this stock.

Sunny said...

Currently, my non-registered portfolio is at $124 591 and my book value is at $127 948.65. I am on a capital loss of $3 357.65. Its really not bad knowing how much of a player I am.

Regarding Just Energy, well, Ruth, Canadians are not among the brightest people on Earth. Canadians elected a majority Tories government. I mean, right, there, it show the poverty of Canadians people mind.

Same thing with Just Energy. The business and stock market is a really rough place to be. Even if I have a net worth of close or more to 80k, that I have that really HUGE stock portfolio, RBC Royal Bank increased my interest rate of 3% on my credit line. RBC has no respect over me and now, stock commentators of the whatever channel you are looking but shouldn't because obviously, they don't know of any shit of what they are talking about are giving some bad review on Rebecca MacDonald company. Why?

She's a woman, her business is doing very well, but no one can take it because she's not Canadian born. It might be a pain in the ass for those idiot of stock analysis! The richess and brightest woman in Canada is NOT Canadian!!

Our country has too poor judgement to give her any equivalent of what so ever for her medecine degree that she obtain in her country. Canada was about to ruin her. But she wins over our stupidity of not willing to let her be who she was.

There's good people out there, but not enough to bring Canada to the next level.

One day, I will become very rich on Just Energy and when that moment will come, you'll be able to say: SHE WAS RIGHT.

I am ALWAYS right.

Mega portfolio pow-wow.

Jealously is what had bring JE down right now. Canadians authorities are trying to bring JE down, something is doing on. But they will not succeed.

If JE goes down again, I will buy even more stocks of JE. It's going to be spectacular.

Sunny said...

I am a follower of Brunner, Tardif, Derek Foster, Sprott but it's about all. I follow those I have faith in, its better than paying thousands of dollars on tuition.

The real stock knowledge, its not at the university you'll get it. Its not at the university that you learn how to manage your money.

There's all the tools available out there for an individual to learn by its own. That's what I did. I never sell on emotion, but I always buy on emotions. when I buy a stock, I need to like it, love it, just like a love affair. when I sell, its for safety measure or any other reason. But I don't sell on emotion, the market doesn't scare me, but it will, at some point, bring in anxiety. I know what I am in. No one teach me, I learn by myself. No one has the capacity to actually teach someone else how to save money. It has to come from the individual itself. I guess it might be too hard to understand for your little mind right.

Anonymous said...

If you had cash, you would've bought facebook at 38$ and would be down almost 50% in a month or so. That's what buying on emotion does for you. I'd rather stick to my knowledge and education to guide me.

And following people like Sprott only brings you to the game late. You'll probably have to wait 10 years to make money out of silver and at the same time losing money that you could've made by investing in not so speculative companies.

Sunny said...

Well, I guess the hand of God was protecting me! I was exciting over Facebook. I am not the type of super arrogant blogger who only displayed its best shoot. On my blog, you have it all.

I was day trading silver for a little while and it was SO SUPER FUN! But than, the crash came in. I didn't see it coming. I was sooo super sure silver will continue to flow, but hey, stuff happen.

Its ok to have an education, but its not ok to believe that its how you will learn to manage your money. I am totally against the principle that you have to pay from your pocket to get something good for yourself.

I don't think you'll learn very much while attempting university on how to make money on the market. Are most Canadians who attempted university are rich and wealthy? Do they all know how to manage their money? I know for sure that the answer is: NO.

But hey, you can always catch up by reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

OK Sunny let me put it this way: Anyone with a brokerage account and credit can buy a publicly traded stock. As a company shareholder you are at the bottom of the heap- a bottom feeder. You get a EPS thats been filtered off thru expenditures, debts, commissions, compensations etc. etc. Now who gets the lions share of the profit?: board of directors, CEO's, executives. They're compensated through not only six digit salaries but also performance bonuses, share appreciation bonuses/rights (or manipulations if you're cynical- & by the way if they've set themselves up right, they don't have to put out a dime of their own money to bag the share price increase) Now who are these people? Besides the "old money"/ "connections" argument :Minimum finance/business degree. Usually post graduate degree. Sometimes other professional designations related to the industry: engineers, chemists etc. These are the wealthy, not any market dabbler with or without an MBA. And if education is so irrelevant: why does your buddy Tardif have a CFA designation & a BBA from Sherbrook U.; Brunner is a retired business analyst (at very least an undergrad finance/accounting required; Sprott a PHD from Carlton U.; Derek Foster? well, he may be your exception- all I can find is he did a lot of backpacking. And also-- buying on emotion instead of analysis is just as dumb (or maybe even dumber) as selling on emotion. Sorry, Sunny, you don't have the analytical tools. Anony-rice'n beans

Sunny said...

Time for you to wake up!

Wake up call to the Anonyma-as-stupid-as-my-sexy-ass

What's the percentage of the population who are actually from those boards?

Brunner was an analysis, but got laid off and she was fortunate enough to have enough to afford not to work.

Got the picture?

It is what it is. Don't expect big gift from a selfish Canadian society. Invest for yourself, don't expect too much from the workplace, especially in those days. Especially here in Canada.

Try to be smart, for once..

Sunny said...

Sprott did not work to get his PHD. It was giving to him as an award.


Anonymous said...

That would explain why is stock is crashing and why investors are bailing out of his funds.

The Great Gatsby said...

Sunny said...

Did I scare you? :0)
Your blog doesn't seem to exist anymore.


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