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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking for cool day trading moves? Right now, Agrium (AGU) and Just Energy (JE) has the hot stuff

I added Agrium Inc. (AGU) to my portfolio for the first time on December 14, 2011 at the price value of $67.20. OH MY! Since that time, AGU has been among my very top performers.

The company increased its dividend, it’s been, so far, very interesting to hold Agrium Inc. (AGU). Today, the title explodes in profit and established itself at a very EXTRAORDINARY SEXY $96.69. I remember saying that I had a feeling that AGU could hit the $80 without any problem... Well, now, it’s kind of supa easy to see that yeah, you na, supa chitta knows best. The $200 000 worth portfolio?

IT’S JUST AROUND THE CORNER BABY. F_I_N_A_L_L_Y!!!!! We had fun among the way, that’s for sure! My non-registered portfolio is at a very good $123 585.69 right now. Ok, I can now hear you scream from here: yeah, but you haven’t done so well on your silver investments.

Yeah yeah yeah.

That’s true, but I still HOLD ALL of my silver stuff. Which mean that when the silver goes UP, I go straight UP too. Easy right? Well, it is really that easy. Eric Sprott is confident that silver will raised against the machine sooner or later. And TD Waterhouse too. Ok so now, what’s the point of adding on TD Waterhouse in the silver game? Well, on my American Sprott Silver Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) that investment worth right now less than 2k. But no matter what, TD Waterhouse is giving me a US margin value of more than 1k!

TD Waterhouse wouldn’t be giving that kind of margin value to the American Sprott silver Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) if the value of silver would be = $0. See what I mean? There’s a value in silver, but right now, that value hide behind the economic crisis we are in right now. BUT, because the margin loan value on the PSLV is SO high, we can certainly believe in the words of Eric Sprott. Quite interesting.

There's a hiding relation in stuff sometime what you won't even believe. Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV), Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U), Agrium Inc. (AGU) and Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) are the tops of the tops. La crème de la crème. And I like frost...

As for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), well, there’re been some urban rumors, the stock is not doing well and other blabla. That’s all bullsh@t. Someone is trying to destroy my Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), but it won’t work. NOW is the time to buy Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). Its the best time ever. There's a real buzz around JE right now and its going to bring extra value in. It could be the good time to perform a quick buy-and-sell, just like in the old times...


I am very tempted to buy some Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) stocks at a bargain price. And now could be a good time. I am even tempted to buy some more Agrium Inc. (AGU) stocks. I am very very tempted. The temptation is too high.

More dipp PLEASE.


Anonymous said...

You should go ahead and buy with the funds from your royal bank mutual funds. I would buy more silver also

Liquid said...

Nice buy on AGU. If only I had more money I could buy some too. At least I have POT for now.

Sunny said...

Thanks Liquid.

Money can be find when really need, but until a certain point I guess lol...

I am just sooooooooo SUPER SMART....
sometimes ;)

Anonymous said...

how many shares of just energy you have and what's the average cost you pay for them?

Anonymous said...

I remember choosing between POT and AGU in Dec/2011. I ended up with POT. Bad choice it was. LOL. Good one for you Sunny.

Sunny said...

You should have done like the Dividend girl ;)

Anonymous said...

Sunny I didn't have the guts to buy AGU because it's volatile. Good job on your part.

For JE, I heard the Accounting Research Group issued a negative opinion on it. I really want to know what their reasoning is.

Sunny said...

I see what you mean. I hold a couple of volatile stock in my portfolio. AGU and JE are among those, at the exception that AGU gain spectacular grow. All stocks won't perform that well, but I am very pleased, after all the efforts put into it, that AGU is getting into the spectacular.

Thanks for the info regarding JE. Susan Brunner is not a super fan of JE. You might read her review, its somewhere in her blog.

Maybe the nature of the business. JE repose itself on sale. I know its the case of other companies too but read Susan Brunner, you'll understand what I mean, she explains better than I do.

However, I am a super fan of JE because of their CEO Rebecca MacDonald. When she came to Canada, she doesn't know a word of English, she was a doctor in her country but never got recognize at one here in Canada. I guess Rebecca big f to the system was when she decided to sell energy. What a genius mind.

Maybe its also because of JE acquisitions. In the past couple years, JE made some acquisition in the US, and extend their business. A reader of mine was saying to me, when I wrote asking if JE was going to pay a special dividend - because generally they do - well, that reader said that Je was in a bad shape or something like that. Its the same guy who gave me EIF and DGI as investment idea.

Anyway, I guess we will never go through the bottom of it BUT - I have purchase 100 more stocks of JE at $10.86 just a couple days ago. I didn't have time to write about it. Since that time, JE went to $11 and a bit more. Personally, I stick to my JE. As long Rebecca MAcDonald remains in JE, I will hold on JE. And when she will retired, I will sell some stocks of JE but keep some in.

I have some $$$ in JE.

GO GO GO Just Energy. F financial stock analysis, accounting trying to make a living ruining up a good company.


May god protect JE. Its the accomplishment of Rebecca MacDonald and her team. Its not just an ordinary company.

Anonymous said...

We saw many "Go Go Go" in your blog. Now all your Go Go Go stocks are going down the hill. One good example, you were yelling with "Go Go Go" for DNI metail. Many readers including me advise you to take some profit when it hits around $0.65. But, you were keep saying it will go up. What happened now? It is gradually going down. So, please whenever you get chance, take some profit and invest the money into some other good stocks. All the stocks will come down one day. So, you can buy more stocks for less money along with lots of profit rather than rely on dividend profit.

Ruth said...

HI Sunny, what did you pay for the first 500 je stocks? curious because it was up on the 14.buck range back then and i have never heard a positive thing on JE yet, the dividend is good but it is just paying me back. we are heading in to some troubled times with stocks, i missed the boat when je went to 14...not the next time...if it comes.

Sunny said...

I have like 10k invested in JE and now the investment worth a bit more than 8k.

Want another one?

GO GO GO!!!!

You are just a poor dude.
I am still on profit with DNI. What I TRY to make you understand is that DNI has what it take to even exceed 0.65$ per share. Got it?

I hold it for the long run now and will probably stick to it for a long long time. I want to see this baby grow.


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