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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I do not hold any RBC Royal Bank mutual funds anymore

Some really nice dividend had kicked in lately. Watch below:

Student Transportation Inc. (STB): $9.92
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): $130.24
Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF): $16.42
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): $14.91
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC): $3.12
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): $34.81
Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG): $5.16
Colabor Group Inc. (GCL): $18.36

And best news is, the month is not over yet!

A long time ago, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) was Jean-François Tardif number ONE stock. PBH is still a good runner today. PBH is kind in the same industry as Colabor Group Inc. (GCL). I do like PBH, but not GCL as much.

In a portfolio – at least in mine – there’s stuff performing VERY extremely amazingly well and others, like GCL are the so-so stocks. But who care? The extraordinary of the extraordinary are performing sooo well that they just pushed away all capital loss. Its a reason why I LOVE the JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN) because just like my extraordinary stocks, the extraordinary JFS.UN will simply push away the result of the capital loss on my portfolio.

I just have like less than 5k in capital loss in my non-registered portfolio. So its not too bad. I have my chances to go over a +++ value instead of just a + value. See what I mean? ;)P

ADIOS, RBC BANK ROYAL MUTUAL FUNDS. I flush you yesterday!

I used to hold some RBC Royal Bank mutual funds inside my RRSP, but I sold them all this past Monday. So you won't ever see again ANY RBC Royal Bank mutual funds inside a portfolio value update of mine. NEVER AGAIN. I wasn’t going to do so, but I did this to protest against the 3% interest increase made over my RBC line of credit. A 3% increase for no reason. I never miss a payment on it, I have a great net value, probably a great credit score too, and there’s no change for our prime rate. I find it very insulting. 

No change over the prime rate, but RBC Royal Bank is still increasing the interest rate on my credit line? What the heck RBC Royal Bank? Who do you think you are?

Well, watch out RBC Royal Bank because I am FLUSHING u forever from my life.

I have more than 5k in RRSP money that I will transfer to a competitor. Should we say the same? Who’s going to get the RRSP money? The answer: TD Waterhouse! Following what, I plan to inject the money in the JFT Strategic Fund (JFS.UN), but that’s not exactly closed yet.

That’s what happen when bankers little F mess up with the Dividend Girl! :0) Come baby darling, come and mess up with me!!!

Lovely, isn’t?

Job done and completed.


Anonymous said...

You should take the money you got from the sale of their mutual funds and buy RY.

pattirose said...

I agree

Sunny said...

I don't agree!

I won't buy stocks of the bank who increased the interest rate of 3% on my credit line for no reason!

Bank of Canada DID not increase the prime rate.

This is my revenge on RBC, I won't ever add them in my portfolio!!!

Sean said...

RBC probably increased your LOC interest rate because of all the debt you have. They see you as a risky borrower.

Not Working said...

I agree with anonymous and pattirose, i mean if they were able to do this to you imagine how many people they did it to ! is a SHARK, pays good dividend...

Christine said...

Interesting I had the same thing happen with CIBC. I even called and asked why the interest rate had gone up. I talked to the credit specialists at head office and they said they didn't know why, my credit is good and I've made all payments on time. It was my branch that made the interest rate increase and I would need to speak to them to sort it out. Well goodbye CIBC. I opened a LOC at another institution with a better interest rate and am currently moving my funds over.

Anonymous said...

better sell RY now, how will it survive without your business!!

Sunny said...

LOL. RBC did this to increase their revenue but with me, the effect is totally reversed. I sell my RBC mutual funds. I am close to less than 2k to pay on my RBC credit line.

I won't be doing business with RBC Royal Bank never ever again of my life.

Currently, RBC is on an audit mode, auditing ALL businesses subcontracting for them. They want to make a maximum of CUT everywhere they can.

And with their customers, just to make more money, RBC is increasing the interest on some of their products to some of their customers.

The upper management of RBC is just a big punch of clowns willing to do anything and everything they can to make more money. I hope those drastic moves will destroy their business.

RBC was not respectful with me and I made them paid the price, I sell my mutual funds. I am about to close the banking account I had with them too.

No more RBC in my life.

Anonymous said...

You being an investor on the stock market should understands that most companies, for their share prices to go up, must make more money off consumers. If they don't make more, their share price won't go any higher. Look at apple, it's selling tablets at 3 times the prices of cheaper models and consumers pay for it. Why would Apple lower their price if people are willing to pay for it.

For the few customers that RBC loses, it more than makes up in the increase revenue from the 80% of customers that just accepts the increase. Or it makes it up from gaining customers not being satisfied from another bank (like your poster from CIBC).

I run a business, and I don't need everyone to be my customers, I just need to make enough money from the customers that I do have.

The amount you had invested in RBC is peanuts compared to some people with their big mortgage and loans on their fancy cars and RV's.

Sunny said...

I know its peanut what I used to have at RBC. I am not the kind of person who'll just accept whatever bullshit without doing nothing.

I wasn't pleased by RBC services and this is my response to what they did to me.

If every single person who's interest got increased, banks would think twice before acting stupidly.

Anyone who get an increased should react exactly the same way I did.

Closing my banking account, selling my RBC mutual funds was my way to make me heard. And now, RBC has lost a customer for life.

I don't care if I affect their business or not. I only care about myself and MY business.


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