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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watch out for the disastrous Maple Group or The Salvation Group

My non-registered portfolio closed yesterday session $122 799. I had been waiting for this for a very long time, and it’s going to happen, the destruction is among the way. Canadian authorities had been dumb enough to approve the Maple Group acquisition plan over the TMX Group Inc. (X). I am not a supporter of the Maple Group. What I want is to benefit from the situation. $50 per share for the TMX Group Inc. (X) and no selling out commission fee to pay out. Following what, I will be free to partly restructure my portfolio. Hello money! 

Westshore Terminals went from a .UN company status to a newly incorporated or what so ever. There’s nothing much to say. The transformation happens and you can now invest Westshore Terminals under the ticket symbol WTE. I invested in WTE a little way back. Best thing about a blog is getting reader emails and getting those really good investment ideas. It’s been the case with WTE, EIF and WEQ.UN among other. I get the best stocks in and just keep watching the wild ride. I am note done yet.

Some beautiful dividends had arrived for July, magna cash. I think July is going to be a very great month.


Anonymous said...

Sunny, RSI is 6.05 now and you said it wont reach 6 bucks. It may get to 7 bucks next.

Sunny said...

I know! I was so surprised! RSI is usually all upside down. And now, it decided to act like a real stock. AMAZING and UNREAL!

Sunny said...

You cannot trust any of my words. Don't take me for cash.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, RSI is 6.21 today. Going to 6.50 soon

Sunny said...

I wasn't expecting that much coming from RSI. I don't like that stock. I hold in my portfolio, but only for its dividend. I may sell it partly if it continue growing like that.


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