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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrating half a million page views!

It happens today. I am actually passing the 500 000 page views. This is quite fun and a bit strange because I never expected to hit the 500k page views on this blog. I blog to defend my very own interests. And live and breath for my money, but I am not exclusively all money related. Because if you know, I don't only write about my personal finance, but this is all about the spectacular me driving Gordon Pape very very mad. Don't expect to give me shit without getting anything in return. I am good in revenge and I breathhhhheeeeee for revenge. I like the feeling of having the ability of getting the last word on everything. Don't ever think messing with a Virgo of the latest decade and a female one. And a French Acadian one with a broken English.

My raw English happen to be that way.

So its seem like there's a bunch of people reading, sometimes by accident, some other by interest. Personally, I never had the pleasure to read that extension of me where I would know someone personal finance, how much you earn, how much you hold, what's your net worth, how much debt do you hold, etc.

So basically, my blog is by far perfect and I am just please to learn that there's some people reading my every words and are just deeply and madly in love with me. Or something like it.

This is all about getting the control over my life. There's no place for forgiveness, just a place to fight the enemies and make them perish, pay and die in hell.

Now, go read someone else blog and try to get the same immediate buzz.

So just keep going and love me madly.

Turning demonitraxixxx.


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog DG. What do you think of DGI.UN lately. Bought some a while ago at about $5 and now it is much lower but the divident is still good.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Congras!!!! 500k page/view per day or month or year or so far? just curious..

Anonymous said...

Yes! Sunny we love you madly! As I said before, you are my guru! :)

Sunny said...

DGI.UN? OH MY GOD! don't invest in that one. pLEAse. NO NO!!

Its half a million page views since this blog exist (since 2007).

Thanks Brigitte.

Anonymous said...

Like driving on the highway... red lights, banged up cars, you just have to look as you pass by.


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