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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN)!

These days, Quebeckers are making me laugh very very hard. It’s quite hilarious to read about Pauline Marois saying about herself that she’s bringing richness to Quebec... Euh.... da... it’s quite the opposite way. I am just excessively happy. Quebeckers are finally receiving the punishment that they truly deserved. And this is just about to begin. Just wait to see the whole Quebec economy collapse. I am waiting to see. 

Quebec province has everything for itself. The province is able to produce the electricity it need for its own province and even more. But it happens that they cannot even manage Hydro Quebec properly. Electricity cost is going to rise, tax on alcohol and cigarettes are very high. We are not that much highly taxes in New Brunswick. Why? Is it because we are richer? It’s clearly the opposite. We can barely produce any electricity at all. Bunch of workers are working just a few months every year in my native province.  

Our strength, us New Brunswickers, is that we know where we come from; we are not fresh and arrogant as much as the Quebeckers are. And most important of all: we are proud Canadians.
In Quebec, social values are not as strong as in New Brunswick.

It doesn’t matter how much you are rich. What matter is in the brain. It’s in the intelligence. It’s in the manner you deal with difficulties. It’s in the spirit. It’s in the way you fight your enemies. At this time, my enemy number one is my immediate supervisor and my goal is to drive her crazy. I want to set her up and mess her up. I want to drain her. And yes, I am praying for her hell. I want her to suffer in her bones. I guess you all want to know why. Well, maybe I will have time to write about all that this weekend because right now I have other things I want to discuss about.

Everything related to Quebec is simply disgusting and I cannot wait for Quebec province to financially collapse under the influence of Pauline Marois, if you see what I mean. Quebeckers like to make fun Canadians and now it’s our turn. Look at how dumb they are.

Pauline Marois is a funny clown to watch. She hasn’t received a bullet in the head yet and it’s for a reason: for Canadians to preserve our heritage and for Quebeckers to die young.

And while watching the clown going, the TSX lost about what, 50 points today? 

My stock portfolio is doing quite well. First, I welcome recently in my portfolio a new investment: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN). 

Remember my investment in New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI)? Well, the investment is doing much better now. Very soon, I hope to come later on a positive territory with that one. I am pretty sure it will. I always love NFI, even during bad times. It’s not a problem for me to stick to that one.
Stuff like KBL, PPL, CHR.B and many others are doing – like always – very well.

Some, like my now famous Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) are not doing so well. 

Some others, like New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI) are going in the right direction.

Today is Valentine Day and I decided to give TD Waterhouse a call. Not to say: I LOVE YU to a hot and sexy male broker. But clearly for something else.

Imagine my surprise: Colabor Group Inc. (GCL) worth 0$ right now in my company. 
After learning what really HAPPEN I said to the broker that I was wondering who was f@cking with my account and than I told him you know its Valentine Day.

:) Sex, Valentine Day & TD Waterhouse broker(s)...

You have to understand I hold everything inside the palm of my hand. What I want is what I get.
I want $$$ and I am about to get my big bucks. Colabor Group Inc. (GCL) has a stop on it, its not trading and it’s still closed. GCL management group are bunch of f ass to have close the stock for so long today!!!! 

However, the company made a good acquisition and according to the broker I spoke to, it mean good news. And I find it is good news too. (perfect match).

So right now, I want the GCL stocks to go straight high so I can sell this shitty Quebec company very very very quickly.

I plan to make another move inside my TFSA. Like now, cash is just floating out of my ears and some other stuff just keep coming out.


Liquid said...

Great buy with RioCan. I've owned them for a long time and they done great over the years. I was even thinking about buying some more. I have GCL too mainly for the dividends. It's lower than what I bought it for but hopefully they don't cut the dividends. Happy Valentine's day D Girl @}-->--

Anonymous said...

You really hate Quebec that much? LOL

Nova Scotia is the highest tax province in Canada I believe. The government wants to give companies money so they set up shop there. When government money runs out they leave.

I believe Quebec is better off financially then Nova Scotia.

Anonymous said...

You could call RIOCan a Valentine's Day gift;)


Anonymous said...

Hey DV,

One of you holding 'WESTSHORE TERMINALS INVESTMENT CORP(TSE:WTE)' is started to loose its value. As all your readers advised, you should clean up your portfolio and buy quality companies like REI.UN. Otherwise, you won't stop falling your assert value. Please listen!! you make money by working hard, so don't loose them in this gambling.

Unknown said...

Sunny, I hadn't read your Blog for about 6 months; I was delighted to find that you are still at it, and maintain that sunny disposition!

Just like you, I have stuck with NFI though thick and thin. It has done very well for me overall, although not as good now as it was before. But those dividends come every month, ka-ching!

Tell me, did you get into KBRO Linen (KBL) last year? So sad, it is up 30% in the last year, still pays a juicy 4% dividend. I missed the boat.

Keep on investing!
-- Paul.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at REI as well, but have not taken the plunge yet. You can see my top picks on my blog here:

Sunny said...

I don't agree with you on WTE.

I don't agree at all.

Its normal for any stocks to go down 1$ or so sometimes. Its not a sign that the company is in danger necessarily.

I am making a profit of +16% on WTE since I got it in my portfolio, not to include dividend distribution.

I once had that reader from BC saying that WTE was own by one the richness man of Canada and that the guy help that reader to start his business. True or not, I don't know, but I like to consider the opinion of anyone coming from outside Quebec. And I like the email of the guy. Shortly after, I was happily investing in WTE.

On date of today, I still barely know about that company. I never really took time to read it web site or anything else related to it. I look at the chart from the beginning to today: just a killer. That's all I need to know.

WTE is rocking in my portfolio. But true, there's always been fluctuation on that stock. Now is a good time to buy.

Anonymous said...

WTE is great. It is only down because a ship took out one of its two loaders, by crashing into it.

They are replacing both in the next few years. Jimmy Pattison knows what he is doing. And what You were told by the BC guy was true. He is a bigtime investor, and knows his stocks...

Anonymous said...

WTE is a long term keeper!

Anonymous said...

So, you have invested in stocks without knowing what they are doing and how the are making money... Ohh common.. If you calculate your total return over investment, for sure it will be less than zero

Anonymous said...

The problem with your post, is your including all Quebecers... You need to serpate the incompetent politicians in Quebec from the masses. Being an Ex-Quebec, who just sold his last property in Quebec (I had enough of the Partie Quebec, and I am a French Quebecois! Seperation would only lead to the colapse of Quebec. Last time there was a referendum vote, Quebec lost a huge amount of business, the real estate vlaues plumeted (good for the young kids, bad for us older folk who plan on using home equity as part of our pension...) Quebec is over taxed as it is, and it will only get worse...
Imagine if the politicians instead focused on bring business and jobs to Quebec... Oh My! What a thought...


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