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Friday, February 22, 2013

Dividend Girl readers need to help Mr. A NOW

I just proceed with two $25 donations on Annie blog, my frugal expert.

I had been reading Annie Brewer Web site for many years now and I was shocked to learn that her neighbor house - she name him Mr. A - had burned down. Mr. A is also another frugal expert and gave Annie many things, including a thing to put her mattress on. The guy is a recycling expert. Just a few days ago, his house got on fired. The only thing Mr. A was able to rescue was his laptop.

If you are a Dividend Girl fanatic and really can't live without reading me on a daily basis, PLEASE, go donate on Annie blog for Mr. A to recover. I like Mr. A very much and it will be very great if my readers would donate on Annie blog for Mr. A. Go now. I gave $50. If every single readers give the same amount, imagine the money for Mr. A who just lost everything. Imagine, we are in the cold winter!!!

Make me happy, and donate to Mr. A.


Bushface said...

Well it's not nice to loose your home & belongings so Mr. A gets $25, and I can't take a chance that DG thinks were a bunch of skinflints making piles of money off of her good work and can't give anything back! So if you think Sunny is doing a bang-up job keeping her blog going and giving us some good ideas, then this is a good time give a little out a guy down on his luck and keep Sunny shining.

Sunny said...

You are such a fucker.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know him. I’m sorry to hear about Mr. A. It appears he lost his possessions in a fire. “His things are very precious to him”. In fact the blogger Annie a professed ” Occupy” fan tells us: “He grabbed his laptop as he escaped the fire.” There is a bit of irony here, Annie expounds a minimalist lifestyle, opting out to the level of the absurd: “Stop using those credit cards…Heck stop paying on them if you want”. (Ah, Annie, is that why my credit card interest rate is so high, cause you defaulted- sort of self centered, Annie?). “Every time we make a purchase from a big corporation we feed them”. (OK, now lets see: no more P&G, Unilever, DIAL detergents for me…I’ll go dirty) From now on I’ll make my own soap from wood ashes & lard & use a washboard. Perhaps Annie can enlighten us what a "big corporation" is: earnings, profits, no. of employees, market share? Or on a more personal scale: “I discovered the less I owned the easier it was to keep clean”. I think that statement stands on its own two dirty feet. She does appear to like her computer (laptop, iPod, MagicJack, tablet) and the internet, tho, so it’s not all “Little House on the Prairie” without WiFi. Moral of story: we all leave a path of “things” in our lives, like it or not. Even that used van Annie brags about prompted a series of money flows, to manufacturer & labourers & suppliers from initial purchaser, then from Annie. Her opting out was only proportional. As an investor we choose to opt in as a shareholder and participate in the economic cycle. What possessions you physically own is your business. Now lets make some money! Anony-biscotti

Anonymous said...

Sunny-Why don't you donate part of your proceeds from your blog to help Mr. A. Just a suggestion.


Sunny said...

It is not the correct way to read Annie work.

Its quite precious to have access information on how to minimize your spending. If everyone could spend their money correctly, there will be less people with financial problems and there probably be less pollution too at the same time.

Minimalist is about owning less, but what you own is useful. I adopt some of her doctrine and it help me to keep even more cash in my pockets. Just think and learn before writing any shit.

Annie makes her living using Internet, so loving computer gadgets is understandable. She also have a computer degree, in computer repair if I remember correctly.

Computer, laptop, iPod, I couldn't live without.

To Mark, well, I did my part. I gave $25 to Annie to well her pay for a power cord for the laptop of Mr. A and I also make a contribution of $25 to Mr. A. I am not super rich, but I gave a little. I shouldn't be left alone saving the world of Mr. A. But I take in consideration the idea.

I don't make hundreds a month from this blog, that's another thing thing you need to know.


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