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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) dividend is now at 84 cents ok, deal with it

Just to give me an idea of where I am at, I calculate the value of my portfolio the way it was before, with what I had recently transferred over my TFSA. And it make an amount of $126 709. Back in January, I was at $128 170.36, a difference of -$1 461.36. This is in result of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), my precious darling, who had loss more than $1 per share this past Friday. The difference is not about to last for long as I have at my disposal a brand new $1 580 to invest.

I had been a long time investor of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). I love their business and I like the story of Rebecca MacDonald. I have Just Energy in my portfolio since 2009. Between 2009 and today, the dividend distribution had been $1.24 annually. It takes the hell of a great business to be able to distribute that much to its investors. That had been my reality with Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) for the past 4 years. I even received a special dividend distribution from Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). I can remember one time. Just Energy business is lucrative. I appreciate the efforts coming from the company to diversify themselves and also to gain customers in the US and the UK. But all those fabulous projects cost a lot of money. 

I have appreciated Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) in the past 4 years and I will probably continue with the same behavior in the years to come. Rebecca MacDonald announced that the annual dividend distribution have been reduced to $0.84 per year. That’s a difference of 40 cents. I applaud the decision. Just Energy has the responsibility to plan its future and reducing its dividend distribution allows the company to expand and plan a brilliant future. It will be Rebecca MacDonald heritage to Canada. She will behind a company who has the capacity to generate income. Of course, it’s not all investors that care as much as I do about Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). It’s not all investors who have the capacity to read over the dividend decreased. 

One commentator on this blog left a comment that Just Energy was like Yellow Pages. Well, you cannot compare the 2. Yellow Pages never had the ability to diversify itself, but Just Energy has that ability to build projects and diversified its own business by successful takeovers. Not to forget that Yellow Pages industry is base in Quebec. There are not too many success stories in Quebec when it come to business. I believe that the intelligence of Rebecca MacDonald will offer a great future for Just Energy. 

I had been investing since 2008 and now I am very closed of getting my hands on a net worth of 100k. And trust me, it shouldn’t be that way. I am from a small town in New Brunswick were businesses are poor and there’s not great money to be made. I am the typical middle class profile hot country girl. But I have my thousands and thousands buck no matter what. Why? I am not of a specialize profession; I am not a nurse, or an accountant. But this being said, I am not a prostitute or a sexy escort. I am the girl next girl who’s the Beauty Queen Next Door.

It’s possible to save a great deal of money even while living on a typical middle class salary. I thing I am the living proof of it. The quality of being able to save money is something that you have or you don’t have. It’s something that can be learn, but it’s not something that can be easily teach. Trust me, I have try it with my bro and a good friend of mine.

What make it impossible for those two people that I love and cherish to save money? Well, they cannot see belong. They cannot understand how little things can make them win big on the long run.

And this is exactly what’s going on with Just Energy. Investors have to get the big pictures. But it’s not everyone who has the intelligence to do so.

I am not saying that my bro and my friend are not intelligent, but something is missing. It was completely horrible for me at a point to be with my friend. While at the shopping mall, she was buying all those clothes. Everything she wanted and was pretty, she would buy it. She had the money, she’s in the Canadian army and had been in since her young twenties. By now, if she would have save some cash, she would be very rich by now. When I last saw her, she didn’t have much in the bank. I even once borrowed her $500 for her not be late on her car payment. I got my money back, but she never been able to go over it, just enjoy her money while it lay in the bank. I haven’t heard of her in many years now. But it’s my fault, I cannot stand her spending habit. And I don’t want be around when she’ll need more money.

The ability to save money is what will elevate you from the other dumb ass. A dollar save is a dollar that is keeping you away from your boss. No one should have authority over you and the only way to gain financial freedom is to save every penny you can and invest every penny you can. Where? On the TMX. Canadian cash need to remain in the Canadian market.

Now could be a good time to invest in Just Energy and I am extremely tempt to invest 1k in Just Energy and see how it goes. A 1k investment in Just Energy will provide me $100 annually. Does it worth it? Hmmmm.... We are going to talk again about it.

My portfolio is very funky. Since 2008, I invested in many stocks, buy, sell, and buy, sell over and over again. I have that very great dividend income. In other words, I am very great. The most important thing that I learn and continue to apply is not too invest too much in the same company. That is the life savor rule of all. Now, there’s a diversified portfolio and there’s a too much diversified portfolio. My portfolio could be seen as being too diversified. The only problem being there’s so many great opportunity and companies out there.... My military friend is into clothes (was, but still might be) and I, gentlemen, am into stocks purchase and stocks sell, and dividend, and special dividend distribution.... See what I mean.

There’s nothing money can’t buy and money have buy my happiness. No big deal, I am just close to the 100k net worth. But where I come from, a 100k worth a million bucks. Or something like it. It kill me when I seen people buying a condo or worst, a condo in Vancouver or much worst... a house... and spending thousands and thousands of dollars in the purchase of a condo or house... I mean, after that, you have to spend the rest of your life working just to ensure you can pay for everything. That’s a capital slavery made to ensure you remain a slave to your boss. Nothing will bring in financial freedom if money is spend where it shouldn’t. Trust me, you want to be free and independent. That is what money is for, to become free of your choices and your life. I want to be free to go to New Brunswick whenever I want. I want to be free to scream F@UCK YOU to the business who made me stay in for 4 months this summer without the right of having any vacation days. I want the right to have the life I want and I am almost there. I want revenge. I am like Sylvester Stallone in his latest movie A Bullet in the Head. I ADORE Sylvester Stallone. I saw A Bullet in the Head yesterday - it was very great, in the Western Louisiana sexy scene. Christian Slater is playing in the movie. Go see A Bullet in the Head and get the taste of sweet revenge in your mouth. DELICIOUS ;)

To dumers who are saying bad things on Just Energy, shame on you. I don’t think you have what it take to build a million dollars, billion even, like Rebecca MacDonald did. You have to see belong.

Getting more shares of Just Energy could not be the best idea of all time. Problem being, I already invested thousands and thousands in this company. But what is currently invested in Just Energy WILL remain in Just Energy.

At this time, I need to focus on stuff that will bring me to prosperity like Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI) and Derek Foster are doing for me at this present time. Do I understand what the stock market is all about? It’s about money and passion.

For those of you who knows the buddy, I received something coming from the mountain lion hero man. Stay tune.


Anonymous said...

Did you listen or read the earnings report where they slashed the dividend.

I believe they should of slashed the dividend when they converted to a corporation. It is the depressed natural gas prices which is causing them to lose customers. Rebecca MacDonald owns 6.2 milllion shares I believe. From what I read from comments on the blog she seemed upbeat about the company going forward.

Anonymous said...

sell this dog. sell sell sell

Anonymous said...

First comment on this post,

it was suppose to From what I read from comments on the stockhouse bullboard for T.JE she seemed upbeat about the company going forward.

Ray said...

Actually, I've know many people accumulated great wealth just by buying houses at the right PLACES at the right TIME. If you bought a house for $40,000 in Vancouver in the 1980s and selling it today, you would pocket 3000% profit without paying a penny of tax. The government is very generous on real estate profit. On the other hand, wages and interest are taxed heavily

Don't rule out real estate. At the right location with a good place. It can make a big difference.

Anonymous said...

Google " just energy scam" and see what a BS company this is. I really hope they go bankrupt and stop scamming. They tried it on us and failed to hook us some years ago.

They are heading in that direction is your stock price. Down 15% in last few days means investors are finally waking up to this sham.

Anonymous said...

What do u expect the CEO to say. She also said last year that she wouldn't cut the dividend.

Anonymous said...

Timminco (TIMNF): $0.20
Blue Note Mining (BNT): $6

how much you paid for this? it won't be enough to cover the commission lol...

Anonymous said...

Geovencap Inc. (GOV): $1
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): $25.50

what are these low value stocks? you hold so much unknown companies that i never heard of them in my life... your portfolio is filled with junk stocks...

Investing Pursuits said...

Rebecca MacDonald is not longer CEO but the excutive chair.

Ken Hartwick is currently the CEO.

Anonymous said...

too many holdings and too many holdings with small dollar amount, must have lost a lot of money overall on them...

Anonymous said...

Buy and hold high quality stocks only..

Ruth said...

do you think it is wise to buy more stocks of catching a falling knife..the money is dormant as long as we have low natural gas prices..i sold mine at a loss but the money is working again for me. i think JE is going the way of Pengrowth.
ps..real estate is for me too..not only is it a way to make can have your own roof over your head.

Anonymous said...

it's "following that", not "following what"

Anonymous said...

You have become emotionally attached to Just Energy - the absolute wrong thing to do as an investor. It blurs your judgement, and from the rant I just read, your judgement is certainly blurred at this point. A dividend that high makes all the red lights go off. Just Energy’s monthly dividend payout as a percentage of free cash flow was estimated to be 253% during the 2012 fiscal year - this can't continue. Think with your head, not emotion.

Anonymous said...

Some ideas for you to buy QUALITY stocks:
Intact Financial (having a dip - time to buy, long term hold - Buffett loves this, smaller div. but growth, with increase div)
Suncor (having a dip - time to buy for long term hold, smaller div but growth, will increase div)

Anonymous said...

Cirque du Soleil, SNC-Lavalin, Bombardier, Quebecor, Power Corporation, Couche-Tard, Metro, Jean-Coutu... they all come from Quebec and aren't doing too bad!

Think before you write, before you buy and, probably, before you speak!

And if you are unhappy living in QC, why don't you get back to New Brunswick.

Bottom line is : you love it!

Sunny said...

Bottom line is: this is my blog, my diary, my finance, my money, my life!

If at anytime, I feel unhappy, you'll know about it!!!!

This is what you got in life.

You got me. So enjoy and shut your big mouth.


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