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Monday, February 11, 2013

The mountain lion hero man is playing with silver in his TFSA

Around here, we know a buddy that is now made famous under the name of the mountain lion hero nan.

Here's what he said in his latest email. He didn't take time to personalize his email, we wrote to me and a guy at the same time. This is what he said:

"Take a serious look at this dividend stock (3 charts) for your TFSA (it could be at or near a bottom???) -
Important to know:  I have no idea WHY the stock price is falling except that China probably reduced it product purchaseing over the last 2 years - which COULD change back to positive in the next 6 months to a year.
If you guys find out why the falling price - let me know.
Precious Metals & Mining Trust (MMP.UN)
Current price is  $5.99 (lowest since June 18, 2009)
Dividend is  $1.20 per yeat
Current yield at $5.99 per share is 20%
Generally a stock with this high a yield is not safe, BUT - see below in blue print
Fund has not paid a dividend of less than $1.20 per year since July 11, 2007 to present
They continued to pay right through the CRASH when the price got down to $3.12 and the yield was 38.46%
Average yield over last 5 years has been 16.20% 
Highest price ever was Dec. 30, 2010 was  $11.55 
Lowest price ever was Nov. 13, 2008 (The CRASH)  $3.12
Precious Metals & Mining Trust   (MMP.UN)
Go see "The Globe Stock investot"  5 year "chart" at:
Then go see the "Canadian Dividend" daily  quote at:
Then go see the "Canadian Dividend" Monthly dividend payments since July 2006 (fund beginning) at:
China is looking OK again and the US politicians seem willing to (mostly) play nicer now.  Good stuff.
I bought 1000 shares at $6.02
My dividend is $100.00 per month
My yield corrently is 20%
When/if the stock moves up to (or over)  $9.04 - I will sell 500
This will leave me with 500 shares with an average cost of $3.00 (or less)
My yield will THEN be  40.0% (or more)
I'm not recommending this (of course) - just telling you what I found.
XXX only (name of the other guy) - Have your investor dude check it out."
I got burn my playing on silver and its not anytime soon I am going to gamble again. I just have a 1k transferred over my TFSA, its not to be invested on shit like that. I way prefer my new investmment, which will be made on REI.UN.
Mountain lion hero is much more of a gambler than what I used to be.
I wish him good luck anyway and please, don't write me if you don't want me to share your shit with everyone else.
Love u anyway.


Anonymous said...

Warning: Do not touch that fund.

HighOnDividends said...

Negative EPS. Will cut dividend sooner than later. Run away.

Repeat after me: "buy blue chip only"

pattirose said...


I am surprised you didn't buy any Sunny


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