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Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Cineplex Inc. (CGX)

Monday is the first day of the week and really suck like most of the time but I decided anyway to do a few moves on my sexy portfolio. Even in a Monday mood.

First, just like announced previously, I sold out a few stocks of Student Transportation (STB). I sold 114 shares at $6.47 (100) and $6.46 (14). I hold almost the double of that amount of STB stocks. I felt it was better for me to reduce my position in STB. Not because STB is a bad stock, but because I wanted to diversify my assets and also reduced my position in this small cap. The economy is not about to get real better anytime soon and I prefer to stick to stuff that I know will be able to support my margin value during recession-depression time.

So during that time, I am trying to be smart and play hard. I am getting ready for a catastrophic stock market conditions and a laid off. I am getting ready for the worst time of my life. So I happily partly sell off my investment in Student Transportation and I bought some Cineplex Inc. (CGX) stocks.

Today, I also call in TD Waterhouse (I unfortunately have to deal with a girl broker, which make my Monday worst - I was expecting a sexy male broker voice) to get my investment in Keg Royalties Income Fund (KEG.UN), Healthlease Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (HLP.UN) and Sprott Strategic Fixed Income Fund (SFI.UN) transferred over my TFSA. Inside my TFSA, the dividend earned from those investment will be free of tax. The dividend distributes by HLP.UN, KEG.UN and SFI.UN are not pure because they are .UN companies. So for that specific reason, I decided it was about time to do something about it. And not to forget that the money transferred in a TFSA can be withdraw at anytime in case of need. The rules are not as restricted as for the RRSP. Jim Flaherty may be an alcoholic, but he has pleased many investors with the launched of the TFSA. I still have left contribution room in my TFSA. I may slowly transfer over some other investments who have a low loan value for my margin. It will be difficult to find other stuff to transfer over my TFSA because most of holding own hundreds if not thousands in margin loan value.

In the immediate time, Data Group Inc. (DGI) doesn't have a loan value. Between you and me, its quite a bad sign. Friendly advice: don't invest in Data Group Inc. (DGI). So basically, I could transferred my investment in Data Group Inc. (DGI) over my TFSA and it will have no effect on my margin value.

Another investment that I could currently transferred over my TFSA (I should had joint that one to the list of today actually) is a Gordon Pape stock: Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC). That one has a loan value of just a bit more than a 100 bucks in my portfolio and the gain made on the investment is not much, just a $36. Which mean I won't have a fortune to pay on capital gain when I transferred that one in my TFSA. The best of all is to actually transferred real fresh cash (not coming from the margin for once) over the TFSA and AFTER shoot in cool crazy stocks. At this time, the challenge of my life is to take control over my expenses, stop eating like if I am pregnant without being and to stay away from junk stocks. And junk food too. Can I do that, do you think? (And now, gentlemen, just close your eyes and imagine me naked on the beach).

Got ya.

My non-registered portfolio is now at $127 297.59, with a margin left of $18 210. Enough to go shopping.


Ruth said...

question for you or anyone, i bought into Redknee Solutions for a $1.88 it is up to $2.62, i then read that they are going to sell 13 million shares for $1.35 to raise 17.5 million for the company..what happens to my shares at $2.62? i remember when pengrowth did this..i had shares at $10.90 they offered shares at $10.50 and the stock went to that..should i sell?
ps..Sunny, i didnt know that our finance minister was an alcoholic..but could have guessed.

Sunny said...

Gees Ruth, you are playing on penny stock!!! Be careful! You may want to partly sell the investment just to be safe. See what happen with my DNI stocks. They went at something like 75 cents, now they trade bellow 20 cents....

You are currently on a good position on that stock. The question being: will it last?

I really don't know and I cannot answer. Try to browse the Web, follow your feeling, they are your best weapon.

Personally, when I see our finance minister, I see an alcoholic. That's my idea, I could be wrong - but am I ever wrong at all? :)

Yeah, Pengrowth. PGF is a Derek Foster stock that turn ugly. I still hold it in my portfolio, I maybe should see, I don't know.

Sunny said...

sell, I mean

Anonymous said...

Ruth, aren't you talking about something that happened last year? They sold 13 million shares back in October... Might want to think twice about investing in stocks if you're four months behind the news. Being four seconds behind the news is more than enough to get you killed in trading. Fortunately you got lucky with this one.

pattirose said...


Just check out the share price since the announcement. What has it done, gone up or down?

Anonymous said...

DG, I warned you many times to sell DNI at $0.65-$0.75 range, but you didn't listen. If you have sold them at $0.70, you might have bought same number of stocks with low price with lots of profit. Also, you are buying stocks at highest price (most of them). Why don't you wait for a market dip and more stocks with less price.

Ruth said...

thanks guys..i sent a message to the corporation and realized they did this a couple of months ago...i guess too much research is making my eyes see wrong. i have made a little money on this one..i usually set a target and sell..made a few hundred on west seems to buy and sell for the smaller stocks..i have the stable stocks on hold..bce , enbridge etc. ps..redknee answered immediately... i am stickig with them for awhile.


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