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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP) is no longer from my portfolio

Lou Mailbag just wrote an awesome post on ATP, on which I comment. Basically, Lou is saying everything I am thinking of ATP. I registered a capital loss of $1 900 and I was able to get my hands back on $1 300 that I will later on reinvest once I get plug in on something better.

I completed the transaction on March 11. Once completed, I felt much much better. Sure, its a pain in  the ass to be losing $1 900, but $1 900 is not that much of a big deal. I didn't feel sad and I don't feel sad of it now. I just feel better. And after reading Lou latest post about ATP, I am feeling even better about my decision.

ATP is not longer from my portfolio.

I am currently looking for a part-time job as a cleaning lady. It will be a good way for me to get the exercise that I terribly need and also, it will help me recover from that close 2k loss.

The result of my portfolio was very good anyway. I was at the very close 123k yesterday for my non-registered portfolio.... but today, it felt to something of the like 118k.

I am going to bed now, I am tired already.

The diet is going on well.   


Anonymous said...

You should be more concerned with JE and SII. They are just as worse holdings as ATP.

Anonymous said...

good job on selling. now sell all your other trouble maker stocks and invest in quality from now on. no more gambling business

Anonymous said...

markets making all time highs. how's yours? probably you will be buying at the top once again... correction coming soon

Anonymous said...

If you like dividend stock, you should look at cmi.v on the TSX venture. It's a small cap but has great potential and just increase the dividend by 33% but is still paying a 4-5% dividend. I've had this stock for about 3 months now and very happe with it's performance.

Anonymous said...

Dump Just Energy - as it looks like going the same way. Also, not sure if you have NPI, but beware that the payout ratio is too high, and so is the valuation - sell and look for better.

My blog:

Anonymous said...

Forget cmi.v, that's the the kind of stock that will get you in trouble someday, buy a stock you can forget about.

Ruth said...

could one comment on the selling of Pembina stocks for $30.80 , noticed it was up to $31.30 something and right back at $30.70, is this beneficial to the holder?

Ruth said...

I admire you Sunny for wanting to do cleaning for extra money, i have the upmost respect for anyone that will work at anything to get money. i had a cleaning lady here , wont go into details but she turned down $30 an hour. i cannot believe it.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, Like you I work at a second job. It's seasonal and the pay isn't that great but like you, I'm addicted to investing. And having $$$$ to invest makes me happy. I'm thinking about applying for a third job so I have even more $$$ to invest.

Kudos to you for wanting to better yourself.


Sunny said...

Right now, I am not too much concern about JE and SII. I don't have any problems at holding those 2.

You are right on that one, no more gambling business, no more. I can no longer afford.

Market corrections cannot be avoid. If I need to take a hit down, I will. And I can take it.

I look at CMI, its a volatile title, but the value is now exceeding the 2008 one. It could be interesting for people who can afford the risk, but still. I find it volatile, lowest value of the year at less than 50 cents and now its trade at 89 cents... I need to focus on quality now, I cannot afford losing on more.

The commentator following the CMI comment have it all right I guess :)

Hi Ruth,

Holders of Pempina like myself benefit of this, the stock gain value. Fact that it goes down to $30 its just due to a normal stock volatility.

I wouldn't turn down $30 per hour!!! I can be your cleaning lady anytime you want.

Hi Mark,

I used to work 3 jobs at the same time and I got totally exhausted and I gain weight... so watch out!

I am looking for a weekend job, but nothing yet.

Ruth said...

HI Mark...thanks for the info on Pembina...didnt really understand why they would sell several million shares for this and that when they had blockbuster earnings..i love that stock..have up to 800 shares. you can be our cleaning guy...boy...the one we had came late..cellphone chatter and when i told her the wage would be $30 an hour instead of a $100 for two hours..she hit the road fast. ah live and learn..i used to be a cleaning lady at one time myself.


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