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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcome in my RRSP portfolio Telus Corporation (T)

I got on a few shares of Telus Corporation (T) at $69.52 per share. Anywhere below the 52 weeks highest (which is over $70) is good enough for me. I wanted to get in Telus BEFORE the fabulous event of the 1 for 2 split. I am very excited!!!

Welcome in Telus and make me become richer than what I have now ok? In other words, go and KICK some serious ASS. But not mine.

Ok so now, I am getting ready and my mom will have to wake up.


Anonymous said...

it's going down just watch...

Anonymous said...

you are buying on impulse, no patience at all. this stock is at 52-week high. your belief like many other investors, the markets is so hot, now you must decide to jump in. telus was trading well below 60 last year. why didn't you jump when it was at that price? this is all hyped up because of the split. markets too hot now, crash coming... you've been warned another newbie mistake

Sunny said...

I don't think it will go down. and it didn't actually... I am up at $70.12.

Its not an impulse buy, I had been talking about investing in Telus for a little while now. I wanted to get in before the split - its a good decision. All investors should all do the same, jump in Telus BEFORE the split and BEFORE some hot stuff happen.

I don't think the market will crash down either.

I guess you don't take time to really read my blog because if you were doing so, you'll know how good I am.


Anonymous said...

Telus is a good investment if you had bought in when it was in the 50s or below. Buying when the stock is at its all time highs is questionable at best.

I am expecting Telus to pull back shortly, it is going to happen. Great dividends and solid dividend growth for sure, though you really should have bought the stock earlier when it was much lower.

Then again, I did buy the stock several years back when it was in the upper 30's, so I got a bargain.

Anonymous said...

A split is the same as going into the bank and changing a 20 dollar bill to two 10 dollar bills. I'm worried you are so excited about something that will barely make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Stock splits don't matter. Telus valuation is stretched. You should have waited. With Industry Canada coming out with some new rules, I think there could be a nice buying dip in the next 6-8 months.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to all these people - Telus is an excellent but with strong fundamentals. Everyone knocking you for the investment would've said the same thing when the stock was trading in the 50s as the stock was also trading "high" at that point as well. Now look at the stock - trading at the $70 level.

Telus is a shareholder friendly company with ever increasing dividends and strong wireless growth.


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