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Sunday, March 10, 2013

It’s a portfolio and a dividend girl body disaster

It’s official; I began my weight loss program yesterday. Now, the trick is to keep REMEMBERING that I am on a weight loss program. LOL. Losing weight is really not a major priority but I will look sexier in a bathing suit if I lose a few pounds. How much do I need to lose? I won’t tell, but it’s not enormous. I am not a very big fat girl. I don’t have a scale so I have no clue of what I am at right now. This mean no eating out, bringing my lunch at work, and also healthy snack, eating breakfast home and drink more water.  


I am not into soft drink, I don’t eat chip, but I have a sweet teeth. I need to cut on the sugar and everything that taste sweet. So far so good, I felt like eating a chocolate bar yesterday and while I was going to buy it, I look at the number of calories.... over 200 calories for a Caramilk. So I simply put back the exquisist chocolate bar on its rack and that was it!

I gained weight about 2 years ago while working at 3 jobs at the same time. I was working most of the time and I wasn’t exercising enough. I used to spend all my weekend walking around in Montreal, but at a point, I was working even during the weekend and when I hit back home, I usually hit my bed. Unfortunately, I haven’t work at fixing the problem ever since. Part of the reason because I find myself pretty anyway. But it will be nice to have everything thigh up. I have a bit of a bully I want to get rid for my wealth and also well to look sexier completely naked and of course, post the pictures online.

I am not naturally slim and I am not a naturally pretty girl. I need to watch out a lot to be slim and I need to apply makeup and I need my hair coloration to be a pretty cute girl. I am like those superstars: without makeup, I am nothing.

Did I finally catch your attention now?


I never had been afraid to face my problems. It’s just a matter for me of getting into it, see what I mean.

I have attack my booty body problem and now what?

A punch in the face to Pauline Marois?

I have better thing to do than losing my time with Quebeckers.

I am a real girl with a real portfolio and right now, I am facing a bit of trouble with my portfolio. While facing problems, the worst you can do is to have a passive attitude. Right now, I have problems with a few stocks: ATP, DGI and JE are among the worst of what I am holding in my portfolio.

Currently, I am very concern about Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP).

Last week, I join Levi & Korsinsky, LLP regarding a possible law suit against Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP). To my surprise, I just notice today that there’s many other US law firm who have started a similar investigation: Law Firm Johnson & Weaver, LLP, Holzer & Fistel, LLC, Ryan & Maniskas, LLP, Briscoe Law and Powers Taylor. There might be other law firms doing exactly the same thing.

In a two questions interview with Derek Foster, I asked him one of the 2 following question:

2. THE DIVIDEND GIRL: When you realize you just did one big investment mistake, how do you react? What do you do? Is selling the bad investment on which money is already been lost anyway and reinvest in a quality stock is the best way to get over it? 

DEREK FOSTER: I've made my share of stupid stock buys (and anyone who invests will at some point). If the quality of the company is not very good and I was wrong in buying it, I generally will look for a good time to sell it and reinvest in quality stocks. However, if it's just a short-term problem and the fundamentals of the company are still good long-term, you're usually better to simply hang on.

In my search of answer on if I should sell or not my investment in ATP, I remember – and we talked about this previously – the post of Susan Brunner about ATP. I also remembered Susan posting here on my blog regarding a comment I made... It was a long time ago. I was young, I had money to invest, and more than anything, I wanted the BIG dividend cash. But let say I learn my way.

The most amazing thing ever is that despite it all, my portfolio is taking the hit, my non-registered is at $123 906, with a gain of +0.03%... Despite DGI, JE, ATP, I am getting the head out of the water... But will it last?

This is what the analysis of TD Waterhouse has to say about ATP, among other “ATP is not profitable”. I don’t understand it at all, but I clearly understand the part “ATP is not profitable”.

Let’s go back to Derek Foster. Let’s read him again, over and over again:

If the quality of the company is not very good and I was wrong in buying it, I generally will look for a good time to sell it and reinvest in quality stocks. However, if it's just a short-term problem and the fundamentals of the company are still good long-term, you're usually better to simply hang on.”

From the very start, the quality of the company hasn’t been really good. Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP) problems are not short-term....

I began writing this post earlier today, I went for my diet walked, went back home... I am trying to find the answer to my question: should I sell or hold ATP?

It is now 7:50 PM on March 10 on the weekend my mom is celebrating her birthday.

I would like you to read this: “If the dividend is cut or eliminated there will be more pain and suffering for investors.”

And also: “The move up from the 52-week low seems to be in response to a severely oversold position as opposed to real enthusiasm for the growth prospects for the company. I don’t see ATP as a buy.”

Those sentences were written back in December 21, 2012 by Lou Schizas. I like to read Lou Schizas opinions in the Globe and Mail. While browsing the Web, trying to find out more about Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP) desperate situation, I went through different forums, my blog... and Lou Schizas blog, Happy Capitalist, among other.

All of what I am reading is pointing at the same direction: a sell and a no no buy.

I had a fellow blogger who wrote me once about ATP, asking me he should invest in it. That was a couple of weeks ago. My answer to him was not to invest in ATP, that I had missed my chance to sell at profit when I could. That fellow blogger received a very good advice that day!

So why I am able to provide good advice like that while I am stuck with some losers in my portfolio?

The problem being, once you have in your portfolio a troublemaker stock, it’s very difficult to deal with it. The assets of ATP are still there, the company exist and make money, but their very high level of debt is scary and they are now paying the price for their too high dividend distribution. ATP is facing major sell off... etc... and lawsuits too....

There’s really no way out and being there, continuing to hold the stock without doing anything more is just not ok anymore.

Now, it’s 8 PM and I am 90% sure that I will sell ATP.

As for data Group Inc. (DGI), I feel comfortable holding it for now, especially when the stock had recently gain some value. I also don’t have any problem for holding Just Energy (JE) at this present time.

My only concern at this time is ATP.

My body can be fix but can my portfolio be?

It’s now 8:44 PM and I am now done with this damn post.


Anonymous said...

just forget about ATP sell it an forget all about it. it will never go back in the 10 dollar range soon... time to move on, you are so hung over with this atp crappy stock

Anonymous said...

I found it hard to believe you're happy to be just even when the market has doubled in the last 4 years.

You could add SII, PGF and quite a few more to your list of troubled stocks along with JE, ATP and DGI.

I will post a link of yours of your first purchase of SII. Now imagine if you would have invested in a 50$ bank stock at the time instead of a 10$ stock that today is worth $3.50.

You said" None of the funds from Sprott appeared in the analyst pick of Morningstar and they invest differently from other mutual funds". Why would you buy into a company like that. We'll call that a rookie mistake. But why would you continue to hold a company like that today when you should know better and there's so much more quality company to invest in.

If I where you, I would be more worried about JE and SII that you have a larger holding than ATP.

There is always risk on the market, it doesn't matter even if you invest in the safest company. The only thing you can do is reduce the risk. If you invest in 10 large US companies like Pepsi, McDonald, Wal-Mart, etc; you will have a lot less problems than you will by investing in 10 small canadian companies even supposably safe canadian utility companies. Quite a few of your companies have cut their dividend and that's not what you want, you want companies that increase their dividends. Who is the next ATP in your portfolio? I guarantee you they are more even though they are performing well right now; that's the risk in investing in small stocks.

One of the reason your portfolio didn't perform well in the past is concentrated bet in risky companies or sectors like gold and silver. I think what will rob you of future profit is staying invested in Canada only and ignoring the US and the rest of the world. Imagine if you would have bought any US companies (Ex. Coke, or a US bank) with your US account instead of following Sprott with silver.

As long as you hold these stocks in your portfolio, yes some might recover, but some might not and other of your stocks will follow in the foot step of ATP, JE, DGI and SII.

You have way too many stocks and mutual funds to monitor and it hasn't helped your performance so what's the use. I think stocks are to you what shoes are to most other women. You see a stock you like and you have to buy it.

You should do a clean up of your portfolio, sell some loser stocks that takes too much of your time and also sell some winner that you can take a profit before they are next to have difficulty. Take the money and pay off some of your margin, wait for a market correction and buy a US and international ETF.

Ruth said...

watched the business show last week and one of the guests said to short JE.

Anonymous said...

Will DG take the above advice? Will ATP sit in her portfolio? Can she trim her losses? Will she get a margin call? Can she lose weight? Will she find a man? Will JFT or Derek Foster find her a man? Will Susan Brunner, Gordon Pape or Rob Carrick help find her a man? Will she move out of Quebec (again)? Which employer will she sue? Gotta love those car wrecks!

Ruth said...

shoes , boy, thank you for the laugh...funny. i have to agree with this letter Sunny. i have learned too that hanging on to losers is a waste of time and money. you would have been better perhaps to increase your pembina to a 1000 shares, or give BCE a break...expensive now but i do not even worry about BCE or Enbridge for a second. quality. less sometimes is better.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

You are really right. Less is sometime better. And it's better to have less rather than bad stocks like ATP.

I sold all my shares of ATP this morning and its the best thing I could do I guess. I was getting really sick of it and it caused me insomnia.

I don't want to fall asleep on Gravol pills any longer.

Sunny said...

I forgot to comment regarding JE.
For JE, I don't have any problem for holding.

DGI had rebounce a bit, I don't mind holding it.

SII went below the $3 mark one than one time. SII also exceed the $9 more than one time. The stock is very volatile, its a very good buy and hold stock. I am confident SII will again reached the $9+ value.

You also have to take in consideration all of the special dividend paid by SII and its regular dividend before saying anything.

The advice giving is not that good. Yes, I may hold too many stocks, but it is how it is for now. I don't plan to sell anything for now.

Ruth said...

your a good sport Sunny to keep on blogging your views. i cannot agree with your thinking however...just to say that enbridge from the 1950's paid out 10% each year...your so young now , to have 3 or 4 real quality stocks would pay off big time..u have too many little stocks..25 shares of this and that. JE has been said to go to $5. i have had some real losers too but find i can gamble a bit as long as i have the big daddies holding the fort.

Anonymous said...

Sunny, don't be so hard on yourself. You're beautiful. Keep fighting. We love you.

Anonymous said...

I knew you were fat.

Derek said...

Sunny, a margin account is one thing during a long bull market, coming off a multi-year low. It's another thing if the bull market tops and turns into a long bear market. Have you considered selling some holdings so that you're not trading on borrowed money any more?

Anonymous said...

good job. now sell the other dogs in your portfolio and all those mutual funds and invest in an index etf. better that way, less headache especially you are not even beating the markets, yet alone bleeding huge chunk of money. your job salary is being gambled in the stock market... you should look hard on how HARD you work to earn your money and how easy it is to lose it all in the stock markets.

Liquid said...

I'm sure you look fabulous D Girl :) I'm trying a healthier lifestyle myself by limiting my carbs. They say your metabolism works the best during the day so eating a big lunch, but a smaller portion for dinner can help you lose weight very naturally :D ATP sounds like it has some profitability issues. Let us know what you decide to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Sell those low quality stocks and pay margin and other debts, and wait for a bear market to buy high quality stocks. Be investor, not a gambler.


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