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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey, what's up with the TFSA at TD Waterhouse buddy

My non-registered portfolio is at $122 203.72, +$1 624.97. I have great gain with stuff like Methanex (MX). I bought my shares during the 2008 stock crash... And now, the value had more than double... At least on that one. I took a quick look at Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP). Was it a great move for me to sell ATP? OH YES. Now, I really have no doubt about it.

I find it somewhere soooo innocent and sweet the last post from mine (after reading the comments, I find it very funny). Now you can tell yourself: the bitch really doesn't know what she's talking about. I was dreaming of a double dividend on a split. Who knows, maybe that's what going to happen!!! LOL. I am just wondering how in the world can some people wrote that I am retarded. Canadians are no longer what they used to be.

Remember that investment I made inside my TFSA in Precious Metals and mining Trust (MMP.UN)? Well, the investment is up to $5 per share, very closed to what I bought it. I now have $53 in cash and I would like to get it in cash. Problem is, with TD Waterhouse, it used to be like this: one withdraw per year, after one, you pay fee!!! I don't know if its like this still, but no matter what, with a portfolio that exceed the 100k value, what the hell TD Waterhouse, you need to obey me, and give me what I want.

This is not Alice in Wonderland, its the real life story of the Dividend Girl!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny:

Totally not related to your last article, but a while back yo bought mmp.un Precious Metals. I have this one too so I have been watching it and Sentry is going to be lowering the dividend from 10cents to 7cents monthly while still earning about 16% yield, 22% was not so shabby for a while. It was $5/share when I wrote this. See the link to the article below.

Cheers Sue.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up with the Just Energy; it's down every day. Market is telling you something is wrong with this stock

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Open 6.81 .
Previous Close 6.82 .
High 6.88 .
Low 6.51 .
Bidx0 6.55 .
Askx0 6.65 .
52-week High 04/11 14.03 .
52-week Low 03/21 6.82 .
Beta 1.347 .
Market Cap 924.55M .
EPS 2.26 .
P/E 2.90 .
Forward P/E 50.462 .
PEG -- .
Annual Dividend 1.24 .
Yield 18.902

Anonymous said...

simply going down everyday

cutting dividend = bad news company not making money and yield unsustainable.


Anonymous said...

It seems you are a big Derek Foster fan. YET, your portfolio do contain some of his ideas, BUT in majority you are not really following his approach in stock selection.

IF YOU TRULY follow his advise you will have way less TROUBLE MAKER stocks. By now, your portfolio should be way in the GREEN.

Start getting rid of all those mutual funds, gics and trouble maker stocks and also stocks that are obscure and NOT RECESSION RESISTANT and invest in good quality stocks that is EASY to understand, well KNOWN.

His favorite example is COLGATE, look at the stock now and compare it 5 years ago. Dividend yield reasonable, stock price doubled and dividend increase by 55%!!!!!! from 1.40 to 2.48 per year! Many other examples can be found.

Ruth said...

you also made money and davis and henderson too. pembina , you are almost double...u do have some good ones to hold. JE is being shorted and will be 5 bucks. that precious metals seems interesting. your actually ahead with the dividend. your so young and can withstand "some" losses...did you buy Telus?

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

I haven't invested in Telus yet, but I am going to this week. It will be purchase inside my RRSP.

Ruth said...

you know i bought Telus..watching it from $63 to go down and all it did was go up...when in the hell can u get into some of these great blue chip stocks..i would never sell BCE or Enbridge..u cant get back in. people must be leaving bonds and so many need the yield. funny Telus cost more but BCE has the better dividend and own more.

Sunny said...

Hi Ruth,

I already have a great deal of blue chips in my portfolio, like Enbridge, for example, I also have TRP, FTS and a bunch of other.

I am not very interested in BCE, but I would like Telus in my portfolio somewhere before the 1 for 2 split happen. I will be placing my purchase order for Monday.

Blue chips are good, but the yield is not particularly good, usually below the 5%, which totally suck.

That's why I like to have stuff at a higher yield. I have burn myself among the way with something of the name of Atlantic Power Corporation, but those kind of things can happen. I will recover shortly. But in the meantime, its the hunger game to get back to where I used to be in term of fabulous dividend.

That's where I am at right now.


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