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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rob Carrick new sexy darling: Richardson Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN)

I just read Susan Brunner post about Atlantic Power Corporation. Its not the first time she's written about this company. Its quite fascinating to know that this company its not earning any money, but they pay out a huge amount only to support their dividend distribution. I used to have Atlantic Power Corporation in my portfolio. That was back in 2011. I recently sell ATP, a few days ago. And I am very happy that I did. Since I sell my shares of ATP, I just continue watching the stock going up and down. But now, I must say that I am very very sure I did the right move.

Friday was pay day but after rent, student loan and banking fees, I only have left a tin cuty little $425. And my mom is visiting me for Easter so its kind of pretty sure that I will be spending a bit of money... Spring is slowly coming. It a major deception to see that snow on Montreal while we didn't have any left. I am not a winter fan.

Rob Carrick is slowly getting better at what he does. After the boring usual financial articles, he now decided to feed us with some better stuff. Ok, just read this: "A small-cap stock with a large-cap dividend"... I know, it is hard to believe that something soooo cooollll is coming from  the pen of Rob Carrick. It change from the usual boring blabla about should I invest in real estate and other even more boring stuff. In a middle class situation, you need to be a complete moron to buy in a city. And if you buy now in Montreal, its mean you are much more than a moron.

For once, Rob Carrick have it all and he finally understood that the blablabla about real estate and retirement is simply of no interest at all. Carrick hot new dividend stock is: Richardson Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN). The fund pay something like a 8% dividend yield. After I had sold ATP, I need to restructure my portfolio and finally get organize. Currently, my projected annual dividend income for 2013, without counting RRSP, is of $7 288.87. I taught it was going to lot less, like of the like of 6 500... CATASTROPHIC. But no, I am at $7 288.87 ($607.41 annually). My monthly rent is at $610 per month, so I almost almost able to cover my rent. $610 is quite a bunch of money just for rent. I could spend less in rent, but I will have to move and I probably will have to take the metro everyday to go to work, another $80 expense. 

I am thinking of investing a 1k in Richardson Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN) inside my TFSA. That way, I will be back on where I used to be in term of dividend earnings, and the equivalent of my monthly rent will be pay. RPI.UN is cheap and its value is always around the $10 per unit. This is not a fabulous grow stock, but the company is interesting for its dividend and stability in the value. I wouldn't recommend to invest thousands in this one, but a 1k would just do the thing, a mini dividend juicy boost.

I previously chat a bit about Telus Corporation (T). I am thinking of adding that one to my RRSP. I have a 4k in cash inside my RRSP. Investing a 2k in Telus would just do the thing. I used to also have my eyes on BEP.UN, but I prefer to buy it at a lower price. This title is quite volatile and it doesn't really worth it to buy BEP.UN on top of its game. As for Telus Corp, I don't have any problem at buying at anytime.

I am just surprise at my abilities to deal with hell and still be able to pop it like heaven in term of dividend. My hell been with ATP and its now completely offer. Or almost. I enroll in a class law suite against ATP with a New York Firm, Levi & Korsinsky. I hope to get my hands on a few hundreds with that one. I don't mind if it take 2, 3, 4 or 5 years because I haven't lost my skirt on that one, but $1 900.

Losing a 2k or so on a stock didn't got me down to the ground. I actually felt much much better once ATP was out of my portfolio. Fact is, I can declared that amount (2k) as a capital loss. And currently, my non-registered is at $121 536.97, +0.79$, +$958.22. Since the economy is getting better in the States, I think my portfolio could gain, I hope, something like 5% by the end of the year if I continue doing smart investing moves and stop gambling with my money. Its pretty much achievable. Just like earning a 8k in annual dividend. I am just missing $643.49 ($53.62). Almost there.


Anonymous said...

Your next step should be to sell JE, because they have more liabilities than assets, for all the wrong reasons.

Sunny said...

I am not looking to sell Just Energy now. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Not getting out of JE? You sure like to lose money....

Anonymous said...

whatever who really cares what you do. no one follows your investment advise. this is a blog about how NOT to invest. follow me if you want to lose money while working like a dog just to lose it in the market.

Anonymous said...

Richardson Packaging Income Fund

HUH what does this company do? never heard of it. I would stay away from small unknown companies in general! recipe for disaster...

Anonymous said...

again high dividend = high danger!

Ruth said...

but don't yu think JE is dead money and the money you would have if you sold it could be put to a stock that can start earing your losses back! if you look at JE>..they really don't have anything but selling natural gas from door to door.

Sunny said...

I just find Richardson interesting for its high yield. I never heard of them either but its not because you never heard of a company that they are not out there and making some good money. You cannot just know them all, its impossible. That company is the third player in its sector.

High dividend yield, high danger? We got that with Atlantic Power Corporation, but I have others that pay a good yield, like ENF, EIF, PPL, for example, and I never had any problem. You cannot categorize so simply like that.

I wouldn't consider investing thousands of dollars in RPI.UN, but just a single 1 k or even less. Its all about keeping a balance. While dealing with higher dividend payers, you need to mix with some blue chips to build security, like BNS, FTS, MX, ENB, TRP and the bunch of other I have.

If feeling like adding a few higher yields in, why not doing so while you can? There's a risk while investing in higher dividend yield payers, but you minimize the risk when you diversified your portfolio.

Its not anytime soon that I will completely close the door to some juicy dividend. I am just about being able to pay my rent from dividend. I just need another yield player and after what, I will focus on quality and I may even invest in the ABC stock of Derek Foster. I am even thinking of Stella-Jones.

Sunny said...

I am not giving investment advices! Its not as an advice givers that I write this blog! I am not a fucking journalist like Rob Carrick. I am not a fucker and I am not a sucker.

I am sharing my view on investment. I write on what turn me on, on what possibly could be my next investment. I write about my investment, my debt, my live.

You might be a complete moron to say such things. So back off and don't read me anymore. You will only have yourself to blame once your karma turn into some damn heavy shit.

(I love those kind of idiots, it turn me into fire).

Thanks to be there.

Anonymous said...

fucking bad pick once again

Anonymous said...

Why are people critical of what you do? You are just sharing your experiences and I for one am appreciative.

No one has all the answers, my hope is to learn something from the way others invest.

Keep doing your thing, I am interested in what you do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

I love your reading your comments/banter. Be careful about listening to Rob Carrick-he is a flavour of the moth kind of journalist. His only purpose is to help The Globe sell papers.


Sunny said...

Thanks, that was nice for a change!

Hi Mark,

I agree with you, Rob Carrick is not in for the small investors, he's on the bigger fish.

I didn't invest in that stock. I prefer to stick to quality instead of keeping focus on the dividend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny,

Wishing you a Happy Eater and a fun visit with your family.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo!

Should have read Happy Easter.



Sunny said...

Thanks Mary! Happy Easter :)


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