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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Its time for another investment, let's think of Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A)

Did you miss me all of my belove and wonderful readers? I try to connect online yesterday, without much success. Videotron Internet connection wasn't working. While I was away, the stock market didn't deliver much and in result, my margin value go down to less than $3 000. Scary, but during that time, I was busy at other stuff, I had a little something for my self-employed work.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $132 764 and so far for January, I earn $900 in dividend. Since my BMO credit line is now paid off and that in another I will be getting my paycheck , I was thinking of making my first investment of the year 2014. I was thinking of finally getting into my Lassonde Industries Inc. (LAS.A). It will be a small investment and only made in my non-registered account. Without knowing, LAS.A probably get into a 70% margin loan value, so it will help to stabilize the value of my margin that had been quite low lately. Nothing worth more than cash of course, but since a reader put LAS.A on my way, I had been fascinating and it will be a nice fit to my portfolio despite the fact that, hell yeah, LAS.A is a Quebec company. Hoolly mollly. 

At this time, I have eyes also on Quebecor (!!!) and also some TD stock - could be nice to invest in TD before its value pop up the $100.

Seem like my very own Jean-François Tardif is being love by hot boys and hot girls. Latest thing I notice is a comment by a so call moron lawyer saying I should look up for certificate s. Come on, BS lawyer. Lawyers are among the worst BS of all, making money on the back of poor people. I don't think they are valuable.

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Anonymous said...

"Lawyers are not valuable" ok Dividend Girl, what kind of value do you bring to the table?


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