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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Celebrating my first million pageview!

I just came back from a quick vacation in New Brunswick. Once home, I quickly unpack my suitcase and I open my laptop to check on my precious stocks because I had no clue of what was going on with the market and for a few days, I just totally forgot that I had so much invested. The stock market didn't mean a thing. But now that I am unfortunately back in Montreal with the ugly snow, trust me, I was glad to see the TSX exceeding the 15 000 points because that mean for me a great deal of money in my portfolio.

Next best part being that I just hit the million pageviews of my blog, I am now at 1 002 027 pageviews. It quite nice that it had happened after my vacations.

So stay tune for more great news.


DivGuy said...

Bravo! ;-) Vacations do more good than expected sometimes!

Dividend Puppy said...

Congratulations - I like your blog.

Louis-Paul David said...

Congratulation, that's a great milestone !

Anonymous said...

Félicitations! I really like your blog.


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