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Monday, August 10, 2015

Its official, I am now a Quebecker

In less than 3 weeks from now, I will be turning 35. Its certainly not old, but I am no longer that young 20 chick or something like it, but I still fell like that. And believe it or not, in 5 years, I will be 40!!! Nice kids from the 80s are getting nothing else but older. In case you really don't know, my birthday is on August 27, just like MA$E baby.

I am fortunate enough not to look or even feel that 35 of years on my shoulders. 35 ok no drama, but I begin see sign of aging. I had spot in the past a few white hair on my pretty me - that you hair coloration - and I unfortunately have a few brown spot on my pretty face - thank you makeup. THANK YOU. I didn't have any of those problems in my twenties. This is a real life girl bitch! So young and so already done.


And guess what, for my birthday, I had become a QUEBECKER. I AM NOW A QUEBECKER.
Nooooooooo. Oh well, I received my driver license, and today I received my Quebec medical card. I had been back in Quebec for 3 years and I didn't bother to have my cards transfer because I only wanted to get out of Quebec province. Unfortunately, I have two choices: I go back to New Brunswick and go kill chickens or I stay right here in Montreal where I have a full-time that pay well.

I had applied to a job in New Brunswick right before going there for my vacation, but the position had been fulled - it wasn't a chicken killer position - I discover that profession however on site and I could see myself killing chickens on a very energic way. :-)
Anyway, the TSX gain a few great points today. My non-registered portfolio pop up at the $127 000. I am slowly getting back on my feet. My dividend income, not including RRSP is at a rough $6 200. I am trying not too spend too much money. I am a good girl, I bring my lunch at work. I am on a non makeup and clothes ban. I quickly realize thank you that having just a $1 000 in my banking account wasn't enough. Since my rent is $635, once my rent go - in case I don't have enough cash like it happen this past month - less than a 1k remain... So I decided that I needed a $5 000 in my bank account and work on an emergency fund.


I always disliked blogger who write about emergency funds and I am now just one of the other f.

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