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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM)!

This is my first ever post as a... 35 years old. On my birthday, which was on August 27 in case you miss it, I knew that the world wasn't going to give up on me. My non-registered portfolio close that day session at $123 837.35 - way better than the $118 000 I was sitting on just a few days ago. This is just how difficult the markets are to follow these days. And it can be hard on the nerves. The only way to survive is to keep holding and invest while the markets are not. No one should ever sell investment under panics, but that is more easy to say than to do.

Fortunately enough, I never sell stocks while facing a major correction. Holding on is the only way to move on and to face better days. On my birthday, the TSX gain points. I was happy of course, and I decided to invest in something new, so I decided to invest in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM). I still have contribution room inside my TFSA, but because the TSX is so volatile right now, I only wanted to add a new investment to secure my margin situation, which is directly link to my non-registered portfolio. 

My margin is on a delicate situation. I have $11 500 of usage left on it. Its enough to cover these bad trading days, when my portfolio lose in value. But its barely enough because we never how bad things can go. There's just too much of volatility to be able to say how much is needed to be safe. The only way to be safe is not to use any margin money at all. Unfortunately, it is not my case. 

I invested in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM) on my birthday, but I still have an interest in Northland Power Inc. (NPI). I am missing some stocks to do everything I would like to so. But more importantly, I wanted to invest in my non-registered portfolio to add money into it and protect my margin. In other worlds, my margin control it all and have the last word on everything.

I was lucky enough to be at the world premiere of the film Muhammad. I went to the Cinema Imperial after work. I saw a crowd - it was the opening. A woman with probably her husband were standing right in front of me. The woman asked if I wanted to see the movie, I said yes of course. And she gave me a ticket. I was pretty excited. Its a great - but long movie, about the first years of life of the prophet.

From its earliest days, war had been at the center of Islam. The story of Muhammad is very complex. Jesus came on Earth, and after him was Muhammad, with his own way to understand religion, with his own teaching. It was interesting, you may like the movie if you are curious about Islam religion.

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BSR said...

I had CM for a while and I love it so far. Glad to be a fellow shareholder!




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