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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another messy correction for the TSX stock market and what does it mean for the Dividend Girl

Its always rough to face a stock market correction, especially when everything had been doing so well for a long time, that your portfolio was on the high, dividend income was good... On Friday, the TSX lost more than 200 points. This in deep correction has an effect on my portfolio. In my case, my non registered closed down to 118k. Its like feeling virtually attack by an unknown predator. The only way to stay protected is: not to invest in stock or have a very diversify portfolio and buying blue chips when the TSX lose points like crazy - its like the only thing to do. On crisis like the one we had in 2008 - even if this one is quite different, but result of that 2008 crisis - stocks continue to pay dividend, but everything seem going slow and it can be stressful.

Personally, I check on the stock market every single day - when I am not away on vacations. Lately, the TSX was pretty down pretty much every single day. And with the correction of this past Friday, we got the cherry on the sundae. However, the problem is, there's no way to figure out if the correction will continue or Monday or not. We have to wait 2 long days before figuring out. Time had come to transfer some money on my margin. I only have 8k left on my margin. This is what happen baby when you play on the stock market with money that is not yours. Sexy is learning the very HARD way. 


I don't remember the last time that my non-registered was at 118k, it must had been a very long time. Yesterday, it was playing on my nerves, I would had need to smoke weed or some Benadryl or two good Gravol pills, beers was just not enough. I cannot believe that on August 27, I am going to celebrate my 35th birthday dead broke! Anyway, don't despair sexy people. We have to wait what Monday will look like. While waiting, you can shake your booty on this cool mix, you'll thank me later for posting ok, and shake it off until Monday morning:

Personally, I never been much interested in the oil sector, and fortunately, I am not that exposed to the energy sector. Oil stock sector never operated an excitement on me. I don't like oil, I don't like anything related to it sector. Have you ever seen pictures of what the exploitation of oil sand actually  look like in real life? Its disgusting. We should be more of an evolved society and rely on clean energy. This oil correction is hitting at the right place. Soon, it won't even worth it for companies to exploit oil. I knew that moment would come. Its just unfortunate that so many people in Canada work in the dirty oil energy sector. Now that oil value just seem to continue its way to down $0 value, we may be able to see more clean energy development. But I am praying for the desperate who had lose their jobs and for those who will lose them soon. Jobs in that sector usually pay very well, but living cost being so high and lifestyle coming with it, many workers might not have what it take in savings to survive. No matter what is your social position, its getting of an emergency matter to have money save in the mattress. With China situation, we could be in the curve for a down market that could continue.

Suncor Energy Inc. (SU) recently announced a dividend increased - which is a very stupid decision from their part knowing what's going on in Alberta these days. This is a way for SU to seduce investors. I don't think that we'll see oil going up anytime soon. There's nothing left in oil to seduce investors. Playing on oil is suicidal.

Like always while facing a major TSX stock correction, I am not looking forward to sell any of my stocks and follow the selloff because I am a smart ass girl who soon will be 35 years old. Princess is getting older, but I would like to get richer during the same process. But no desperation please, just watch me kicking in the TSX like a fool. That damn stock market is going to make me rich sooner or later!

Remember a stock that I wrote about a little way back: Northland Power Inc. (NPI)? Its right in the energy sector. Despite the big loses of Friday, NPI finish the session with a gain of 0.65%. Currently might be a good time to invest in blue chips, like RY for example, could be at a good entry point. But the problem is: how a bank like RY will react on the long term with this oil context? Its a problem that all banks in Canada are facing at this time.

I know Northland Power Inc. (NPI) is not a blue chip, but its one of the only investment that I feel right at this time. I won't have the TSX have the last word on me.


Anonymous said...

suncor, husky, shell etc.. they are diversified. price of oil dosnt hurt them. that is why suncor raised dividend. vs cenouves reduced. it is not diversified.

oil can be 10$ a barrel. SU Suncor owns and operates 1500 petrocanada gas stations. it will thrive.

when you say tar sands are a plague. they do clean up the area and reclaim the land. what about open pit mining? or over fishing? dont pick on the oil and gas sector.

Sunny said...

I don't agree. Oil have more severe impacts and can leave us with both a destroy environment and stock market. Oil is vicious and have no soul.


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