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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Unwarm Canadian stock market with no excitement = shitty Dividend Girl

These days, I am receiving multiple credit offers. For once, any of them is tempting me. Again, CIBC Visa is offering me a 0% interest rate credit card balance transfer - but a one time 1% fee apply. BMO MasterCard is offering to increase my credit. 

These days, my life investment is like nothing. I don't like to invest in those stock market conditions. My non-registered portfolio just worth a bit more than $126k and its deeply depressing. For a while now, my non-registered portfolio had been at the 125k - which is unusual - I am usually in the 130k+ range. It doesn't even feel like its a good time to invest because the markets keep closing without direction or by going down. I am not getting the feeling that it will get back on track anytime soon and I just have a very annoy feeling regarding investments right now.

Now could be the good time for me to just pay off debt because like the market, I have no direction and it is extremely boring. Its like I don't find it very satisfying to invest anymore. Bull market is killing it all, its painfully hard. And boooring. Being normal, I would used my credit money to invest. At least, I am out of danger now. No investment = no money lost.

Cannot even enjoy the end of summer peacefully without hearing elections shit! Just for that, I want Stephen Harper to be long way gone.

I just hope my market excitement will come back soon because I feel completely lost. Life is getting boring.


Anonymous said...

Everybody needs a change of focus now and then. Forget about the market until autumn. Don't give it a single thought. Instead, try new activities. Lots of them! Its best if they scare you just a little. Stretch your wings and do something different.

Sunny said...

Good advice!


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