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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hard Black Bloody Monday, but darker days could be ahead

This past Friday, my non-registered portfolio closed down to $118k. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at a very low $114 997.39. I wasn't surprised, I was mentally prepared, but like each time, its hard to take. There's not one single stock of my non-registered portfolio who gain value today. Everything is under distortion. Back on Friday, I had a bit more than 8k left on my margin. Noticing how bad were the markets today, I transferred a 5k on my margin. That money came from my a credit line. Luckily, I have another 10k available on another credit line, and many other thousand dollars on different credit lines to cover up if the stock market decides to just continue is way down.

For small investors who have like me their non-registered portfolio on margin, time had come to in some fresh cash to avoid any problem. One of my 5k credit line has a super low interest rate. I am seriously thinking about transferring that money on my margin so I can at least spend the day at work without worrying too much.

Today loses were no surprise, but what about tomorrow? I am not sure, but I am getting mentally ready for some more loses. Is this how I am going to celebrate my 35th birthday? Keep your fingers cross. Still 3 days before the big day.

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Anonymous said...

High quality blue chip stocks are cheap now. May be this is the time to sell your high risk stocks and add some quality stocks. No need to think that you are selling your risky asserts at loss because you are buying some quality stocks at bargain price.

Just my advise.


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