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Monday, November 30, 2015

Dror Bar-Natan: this immigrate lied at the Canadian citizenship ceremony and we let him be

How many little bastards like Dror Bar-Natan do we welcome in Canada as new citizens each year? Don't tell me or you'll make me cry.

Dror Bar-Natanwas is born in Israel. If you watch the news just a bit, you might know that Israel is not a country in peace. I don't quite understand this, but apparently, he's a professor at the University of Toronto Department of Mathematics. That kind of give you the very poor level of education giving at the University of Toronto.

Dror Bar-Natanwas is a big fat liar. Soon after stepping out from his Canadian citizenship ceremony, "professor" Dror Bar-Natanwas recant oath to the Queen. This mean that during his Canadian citizenship ceremony, that man declared to be faithful and bear true allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors. That is a rule to become a Canadian citizens. However, Dror Bar-Natanwas wasn't true to his words. Right after getting out of his Canadian citizenship ceremony, Dror Bar-Natanwas disavowed the mandatory Oath of Allegiance to the Queen.

How come we tolerate those kind of things? Take that Dror Bar-Natanwas and put the bastard on the first plan to his so love Israel country - we all dream of living there right? 

The allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors is very important. Canada wouldn't be the country that it is today. I am myself born and raised in fabulous New Brunswick, I wear a classic Acadian family name. My ancestors probably came from France. There's almost no doubt about it, I am a real pure blood Acadian. I was once told by my dad that our  ancestor came form Nova Scotia... So right there,  chances are that I am probably from Acadian roots. 

You may know a bit of Acadian history. In 1755, Acadians started being deported from their land where they had build their home and cultivated the ground. The British took it all.

I didn't live all those atrocities, but I am very sure that our well-being that we have today in Canada directly results from the British heritage. This is why today I have money to invest and that I can make money on the TSX.  

Check out for yourself: Commonwealth countries are all good rich countries. On the other side, look what happen to France colonies - they are all poor. Each year, many immigrates come directly from France - they come here massively and take jobs that don't belong to them here in Canada. They enrich themselves on our back and during that time, some Canadian suffers, like the workers from the oil sectors, for example, or even new "real blood Canadian" young graduates.

We are extremely weak to let immigrates like Dror Bar-Natanwasto make fun of us, to not respect our heritage. Because our heritage is what had made the Canada of today.

Dror Bar-Natanwasto: go back to your lovely in war Israel country and finish in hell!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! You're a delightful mass of contradictions. You're Francophone, but you have a low opinion of Quebeckers. You're Acadian, but you seem to respect the Queen... and you make me laugh with your expressions. Keep it up! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well yeah, it's Canada. Any immigrant, from any s-hole country can come here and do whatever they want and not have to respect any of our laws or traditions if they don't feel like it..

It's the equivalent to having people over for dinner and them complaining about your furniture or the way you organize your closets. Never mind that you live in a house and they live in an old fridge card-box.

But seriously, there's a disconnect about your discourse lately and the fact that you are an NDP supporter.

Anonymous said...

Love you D.g. You tell it like it is.


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