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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

BMO Bank of Montreal is increasing my credit line interest rate for no reason

I received a letter from BMO Bank of Montreal saying that they are increasing the interest rate on my credit line of 0.61%. I wasn't expecting anything better coming from a Quebec institution, especially knowing how Quebeckers are incompetent. And this being for absolutely no reason at all. The prime rate haven't increased in Canada. Anyhow, I don't use that BMO credit line. And do you really believe that I will be using my BMO Bank of Montreal credit line anytime soon? Hell no. I am done with BMO Bank of Montreal. I also have a credit card with BMO Bank of Montreal, and I was using it quite regularly. Well, I have great news for you, I won't be using both my BMO Bank of Montreal credit card and credit line anymore. There you go my bunch of little f@ckers, acting like if they were big players... Of my life, I will never used any BMO Bank of Montreal credit products ever again. Want to hit me? I will hit harder.

I had experimented something similar with RBC Royal Bank a couple of years ago. I reacted by selling all of my RBC mutual fundd and fact is, I had been doing better ever since. On top of that, I no longer use any RBC credit products. And really, everyone should be doing the same. When a bank is increasing interest rate over no reason at all, especially when no changes had been apply to the prime rate, well, to received an increased on a credit product is really insulting.

Its now official, I have 2 banking enemies: BMO Bank of Montreal and RBC Royal Bank.

On the other hand, CIBC had been really good for me. I had received a free CIBC dividend credit card at no annual fees, which had been waive. Also, really recently, I had been offer a 0% credit card balance transfer promotion from CIBC. Customers need to stick to the best and in my case, CIBC always been really generous, offering me multiple credit card balance transfer, credit lines, etc. Currently, I consider CIBC as being the best bank to do business with. I might start a new broker account with them considering that CIBC always treated me like a princess.

Too bad that the TSX pull back today, but that doesn't really matter because my very awesome non-registered portfolio closed today session at a very good $169 600.86. My TFSA portfolio is at $60 267.31. I still have left $3 611.43 at my disposal to invest inside my TFSA, $4 000.40 inside my RRSP and $4 707.99 in cold cash that I am not trying to use - but I could eventually use $1 100 out of it for investment purposes if I find something interesting. 

I would really like to invest a new 5k, but at a yield of 5%, nothing more, nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the fees - just buy their stock and you will be greatly rewarded!!Nice capital gains combined with great divvy increases = long term wealth.

Anonymous said...


The Bank of Montreal's head office is in Toronto,Ontario; not in Montreal, Quebec!!

Sunny said...

Details. A little bitching is always good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Sunny Girl,
You could consider:
Riocan Investment Trust (REI.UN) paying 5.5%. Best to hold this in your TFSA. Or
Russel Metals (RUS) paying 5.9%. This goes ex div on 5/24 so you could still be in line for the dividend if you buy it on Tuesday. Or
Capital Power Corp (CPX) paying 6.1%
All good for buy and hold.

Sunny said...

I already hold REI.UN in my TFSA portfolio.
RUS: its a no for me. I had been holding CPX before and not interested for now.

But thanks for the ideas.


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