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Monday, May 15, 2017

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN)!

I still haven't find a new apartment, but I am actively searching. I am actually experienced the same problems about 10 years ago when I find my current place: its difficult to find something at a good price, but something that make sense at the same time. Currently, I am searching for a new apartment because here the rent increased every years and it begin to be too much asking for a tiny one and a half apartment. My current apartment being quite small, at now $665, I am feeling exploited. Montreal is better for renter than many Canadian cities, but its still difficult. One of the reasons why I have so much now is that Montreal is an affordable city to live in on a middle class salary. If I am having problem in Montreal, imagine the trouble that it might be to live in Toronto and Vancouver - or even worst: Hong Kong, Paris, New York, London... Anyhow, the search continue. And I won't mind staying where I am another year to put money aside for an eventually move - even if I already have plenty of cash - especially now. Because you know the girl, I am only getting better and this portfolio is only going up up up.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a very good $169 142.01. I couldn't believe my eyes. When this baby will be hitting the 170k mark, I don't know what I will do. Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) gains a spectacular 4.23%. Great good things!

I finally bought some Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN) shares today for my TFSA portfolio. It was hard to resist to that 4.7% dividend yield. AAR.UN stocks are quite cheap too. I hope to reproduce with AAR.UN the same thing I did with Savaria Corporation (SIS). I bought SIS when it was really cheap and the gains today are quite impressive. I hope to be on another success story with AAR.UN. 

With this newest investment, my dividend income is now at $7 799.61, or $649.97 per month, which almost cover my too high rent.


frederic said...

"With this newest investment, my dividend income is now [..] $649.97 per month, which almost cover my too high rent."

Well... before paying the income taxes on that dividend. Do you end up having to pay taxes? Are you declaring all the other capital gains? It was a lot of work for me with the stuff from TD, and I ended up using

Sunny said...

I of course declared capital gains and I declared the dividend earn inside my non-registered portfolio. I agree that declaring capital gain and loss is A LOT of work - but it need to be done.

frederic said...

do you have a person handling that for you, and if so how did you find that person?
I couldn't really find someone that really understood capital gains rules and had to explain the whole thing myself.


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