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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Saying goodbye to Open Text Corporation (OTEX). Adios

Its been busy this past few days between Montreal 375 celebrations (yes, I had been celebrating Montreal) and searching for an apartment. My only luxury at this time being that I am not stuck in a one year contract and I can leave whenever I want, I just need to give one month notice. So I decided to move only once I will find the really perfect apartment at a fair price, which really need to be below $700 per month. I am targeting the $650 per month or less please God. I had stayed at my current place on and off for probably more than 10 years now. So basically, my next place - If I stay there for 10 years - will probably see me retiring or something like it. So no rush, but I continue my searches, which keep me busy as soon as hit outside work. I have little time left for my portfolio, but today, I decided to trash out some stocks. Get out of the woods baby, and go survive some place else please. All that because I will be turning......... 37 years old on August 27 and I have so no time to lose now. This time is for real. I cannot afford stucking on stocks driving me no where. I need money and I need more dividend. And I need right now. Get out of the way lazy stocks!

In that very wild ocean move, I decided today to sell off my Open Text Corporation (OTEX) stocks, all of them. The reason of my sell is still unclear, even for me, but mostly, I was getting poor dividend pay with little return in capital grow. I could had keep in OTEX, its not a bad stock, but I am tired of stocks going no where. So bye-bye Open Text Corporation (OTEX). And another real reason being that this girl is getting quite very fatty on her margin! Bad bad girl! So paying it down a little won't hurt anything, especially knowing that the dividend yield on OTEX wasn't high enough to even cover margin interest cost… I sell OTEX at a profit of $10 and a fee pennies. Following the sell of OTEX in my non-registered portfolio, my margin is at $88 924.42 - still quite heavy, but the portfolio can handle it. Why? Because I have so many good stocks in that non-registered portfolio, its simply amazing. I am just so on my place on the TSX.

I hold enough of stocks like CNR in my portfolio that pay very little in dividend distribution, I am looking for more like a 4% or 5% yield please. See, I am kind of getting stuck in the dividend dangerous zone. Investing while focusing on dividend yield is not a good thing. Many very good quality stocks pay only tiny little dividend. It’s the way it is. But at a point, I cannot help it, I would like a 3% yield maybe.. Is that really too much asking?

Now you are understanding my point, I am looking, so desperately searching for stocks that will satisfy my hunger. And its not an easy thing, especially when my portfolio is already oversize. The best stocks? I certainly hold on to a lot of them in my portfolio. But I cannot help it thinking that I MAYBE miss something while browsing on Stockopedia maybe? Or maybe I haven't been working hard enough. Anyhow, the search is not over. It will just be never over. This is actually more difficult than finding a place where to live. This is hard and as time pass by, its getting harder and harder for just a bunch of various reasons.

Today, I also partly sell my investment in Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A) that I hold inside my TFSA. I love Andrew Peller, I really do – its why I only partly sell it. ADW. A will always have a special place in my portfolio, as long as it beware. For now, everything good when it come to ADW.A.

And talking about other stocks driving me no where and insane, we have in the lot:
Hydro One Limited (H). So far, H only grow of 0.43% in my portfolio! But the dividend yield is of 3.75%. Like more or less expecting, Hydro One Limited (H) doesn't have extraordinary results on Stockopedia. Just quickly looking at the stockrank and the newest stockrank style feature......Wanna find out what its all about? Click right here. Funny thing is that BMO Capital believe that H will reach the $26 per share.... I so don't believe that and H is soooo on the moved to get out of my TFSA portfolio right in the trash can honey. The opinion of BMO Capital worth absolutely nothing for me. H is just the kind of stock that like to do nothing if not just suck the energy out of its investors. And you know the drill, you don't behave, you get out of there. 

I am so not ashamed of exposing the true this way for the little benefits of investors, but what I am dealing with right now is one of the dangers related to holding too many stocks in a portfolio. Its the result of an over drain diversification. But for my defend, I can only say that no one will ever be able to say that I actually didn't try. And on top of that, I have no trust what so ever in any of my stocks to invest massively in them. I am a sexy market chicken and I totally assume. Worst scenario, if a stock doesn't please me well, I sell and - very worst of the worst scenario, I lose money. Thank God it doesn't happen too often.

I am mostly a buy and hold type of investor for the largest part - like of the what Derek Foster teach - and its why I had been successful so far. But when a stock need to be sell, I sell. And I am just very happy that I sold WTE, SJ, and DH, among other.

I have now more than 5k available to invest inside my TFSA and believe it or not, I have no ideas what to do with the money. That happen more and more often these days and its extremely annoying. I have money and I just don't know what to invest in!!??? And I am just going to have more cash when I will be selling that hell of Hydro One - if I decided to do so.

Anyhow, to finish on a very happy note until the last post, I can say that my latest investment in Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN) had been another very great choice of mine and let it shine and collect happily the dividend. Let's go.

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frederic said...

If it's for your RRSP, I'd buy and hold AT&T. Dividend Yield is 5.1%. It's a Dividend Aristocrat, the dividend is pretty much guaranteed and so is capital growth over a long period of time. GE is also a good choice. Both stocks are beaten down right now due to short term events.

To benefit from compounding for mega growth over time, you need to re-invest the dividends, but since you're with a discount broker and don't get fractional shares, you need to buy enough shares so that the dividend you get, quarterly, can buy you a good number of shares.

Otherwise, a lot of the dividend you get just becomes cash in the account. Anyone with a mutual fund around 3% will over-perform that because mutual funds allow fractional shares and everything is fully re-invested.

Sometimes you can sign up for a drip directly with the company and get a discount on the new shares. AX.UN does that.


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