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Monday, May 1, 2017

Welcome back in my non-registered portfolio Veresen Inc. (VSN)!

The TSX closed with no special direction, but today was quite exciting. A few years ago, back in 2012 exactly, I had welcomed Veresen Inc. (VSN) in my portfolio. Just 2 years later, I was selling of VSN. From my perspective, VSN wasn't jumping enough in profit. But now in 2017, things are completely different. A stock that had in my portfolio for a very long time now, Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), had announced today that they will acquired Veresen Inc. I find it very great and I got all excited by the news so I used up some margin money and bought some VSN shares at $18.18.

A girl do what she needs to do! Go go go VSN. PLEASE EXPLODE (in gains, of course). Make me happy all the way.

Just like PPL, Methanex Corporation (MX) is another stock that I had been holding to for a very very long time. I had made great gains on that single stock and its one of my greatest proud because I came with it. This wasn't a Derek Foster, Susan Brunner or Jean-François Tardif stock. Methanex Corporation (MX) was MY very own stock pick. Lately, MX announced an increased of its dividend of 9%. It was about time honey! I had been waiting for dividend increased of MX like FOREVER. 

A girl must sometimes used of her patience.

With all of those great news, my dividend income is now set for a $7 617.51 annually and as always, its exclude the dividend earn inside my RRSP portfolio.

Its good to have some great news because lately, I had worried a lot. Donald Trump is driving me crazy these days. Honey moon is over! Is he really going to cancel NAFTA? This is having a hard effect on my beautiful TSX - just at the moment where this lady is at the top of the top of her game, popping up the 200k net worth like if the TSX would be all mine. Donald Trump needs to calm down a bit.

During that time, Savaria Corporation (SIS) had been on a trade halt today. Imagine, SIS, is blockbusting all by acquiring a US company that I never heard about: Span-America Medical Systems, Inc. And all that for $80.2 million baby, and those dollars are in US! WOW. Just watch Savaria Corporation (SIS) kicking some ass!

A girl must known her stocks because its her best assets, not her ass.


Anonymous said...

I also own Pembina and Savaria. I think the buyout price of Veresen is $18.65 per share, so I'm not sure if you have much upside on Veresen unless another offer comes in. Too bad Pembina shares tumbled yesterday. Hope they recover nicely.

I think Savaria will also open lower today as they are issuing subscription receipts at $13.90.

Let's hope these acquitions are immediately accretive.

Anonymous said...

Guess I was wrong. Savaria is way up today. Maybe the next CCL??


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