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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Saying a heartbreaking good bye to Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE)

No real surprise, Emmanuel Marcon won the elections in France, just like I expected it to be, I told you so remember? French of France are so full of what you know what, its unbelievable. Whenever they are unhappy with their leading government, they use the Front National only to spice up things, an excuse, because they know there will always be that second run. In a way, their electoral system work against them, but its just they are not smart enough to realize it. While playing their dangerous nasty game, they are giving more voices to the Front National. Its so disgusting. And what is really more disgusting is to see all of those French of France idiots living in Canada like if this would be their home, taking advantage of our rich economy and stealing jobs belonging to Canadians. That's what French are only good at.

I like investing in stocks because its something I can do all alone, without having no one to deal with and interfere other than my own sexy self. And what I really like even more is to feel my control over my investments. I never doubt of my judgement, its my best weapon against everything that life decide to throw at me. Not that I couldn't do better, but most of the time, I can say, I couldn't do better. Its the reason why I am somewhat successful in the investing game. Because I can make decisions and I always try to defend my best interests.

What matter to me are my investments. And sometimes, decision had to be made, even if they are not happy ones. Its with somewhat sadness that today I decided to sell an investment that I had for many many years now: Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE). WTE stock just continue to lose and lose and lose... I was watching, but at a point, this wasn't working for me anymore. So I sell today, and I was able to make a profit of 6.50%, $280.28. I got off late, but I was hoping to see WTE rebounce, but it didn't. Smart girls do what they have to do. I am really not in position to lose any money right now.

This sell move of WTE left me with a a couple thousands to invest. Its just a matter of making another good investment move to make even more money this time. I just don't know if you are ready for that yet, but I am.

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