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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A new stock, new money in the wood thanks to Stockopedia: Clairvest Group Inc. (CVG)

It seem like its been just way too long since I didn't pay a visit to Stockopedia. It will be hard for me to resume what Stockopedia is because I am writing too lately and running out of time. But for me, Stockopedia is the place where I like to check on for new stock ideas. Stockopedia best feature are their very awesome screens. Want to invest like Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett or James O'Shaughnessy? Well that's what offer Stockopedia. All of the stocks I pick using Stockopedia had been quite good stock picks. 

AAR.UN, MRG.UN, WSP, SIA, my very awesome PLC, and RPI.UN - just to name those few, all of those wonders had been picked using Stockopedia. 

Today, I made a new stock discovery using Stockopedia: Clairvest Group Inc. (CVG), it pay a little tiny dividend, but it has a very great chart - just the way I like them, all the way up.


Anonymous said...

Its interesting with holding companies. The risk is often reduced when there are many compnanies involved. Unfortunately I think it can be a bad time now to invest in big companies if the inflation is going up. For example Berkhire Hathaway if you don't want to invest longterm. Have you taken a look at Biglari holdings or GSV holdings? I dont own them because the risk can be high, but maybe the potential is also very high?

Sunny said...

Its not an easy time to be an investor, but the TSX is pretty stable despite what's going on. Berkhire Hathaway is pretty safe for me. I don't know any of the two companies you mention, but if they come at highest risk, I am nit really interest.

Anonymous said...

But it make no sense then if you have invested in Clairvest group. The price has also already went up compared with my suggestions. So the risk should be higher there. Where is the logic? Afraid to invest in USA? Peter Lynch etc. are investing long term.

Sunny said...

I am a Canadian investor, so I invest mostly in Canadian stocks. I didn't invest in Clairvest - its just a stock that I notice on Stockopedia.
What would actually make no sense for me would be to invest in more US stocks. But do as you feel, the options are yours.

I am a long term investors - most stocks that I hold had been around in my portfolio for many many years.

Anonymous said...

Clairvest the figures look good and no debt. But the stock volume is very small. I don't like small volume.


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