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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Éliane Gamache Latourelle: from rich to poor, another little Quebecker liar

Instead of My first $50 000, I should had name my blog My first $500 000, because in my eyes, real richness begin on a rock of 500k, but got to start somewhere I guess. Money mean so much in our modern society that people can easily go crazy and lie regarding their financial situation. Its certainly not an easy thing to build a portfolio, its what I write most of the time, and on how to save money. Both investing and saving money are not simple tasks. Building strong asset is the work of a life time. It take willingness to proceed, and even more than that. You need to be quite of a special bitch.

Today, I was ready this really sad story in La Presse. A Quebecker of the name of  Éliane Gamache Latourelle was making a living on the back of poor entrepreneur, asking $5 000 for a year of coaching which seem like was going no where and wasn't really rewarding for people who subscribed. After a little while, Latourelle twisted game was to have her students invest in companies owned by her... She had wrote two books in which she described how she reached 1 million asset before she turned 30. But fact is, Éliane Gamache Latourelle, proud Quebecker, is dead poor, and doesn't have a penny at her own. 

Its a sad story, but Éliane Gamache Latourelle is just another Quebecker who has no head on her shoulders. Quebec province is full of those little insects.

Looking for investment ideas and ways to save money? Stay right here baby. You are so on the best place to be right now and best of all, ALL MY SHIT IS FREE. ALL OF it, at the exception of course of my body, which would cost too much, so you can't no way really afford.

Lucky lucky lucky you.

Currently, the TSX is a boring place to be, I am all light up, but I don't feel any joy or deep excitement inside. I currently have a left over close to $500 cash inside my TFSA. Its just a matter of where to place my money. One of my latest investment in BMO Bank of Montreal had performed quite well. I can at least be happy about that...

What I really need right is to find THE STOCK that will turn be on and bring the excitement back in my life. And to so I will pray God and all His little angels and I will check on a bit more on Stockopedia.

Please God help me.

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Anonymous said...

Elaine is yummy!

You will find that once you reach 500 you will not feel rich. I thought I will be rich when I reached 1mm and be able to retire at 3mm. I am at 3mm now and do not feel rich at all. Now I am aiming to retire at 4mm which will take me 5 more years to get there. Anyway, be proud of your achievements. What makes it impressive is that you did it yourself. I am originally from NB so it’s great to hear another NBer doing great. Just remember to enjoy the journey.


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