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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Loblaw $25 gangsta compensation for bread price conspiration is cheap shot

I write this post about a week ago, but I guess I forgot to publish it...

After Johnny Hallyday, France Gall is no more. It's heartbreaking. She hasn't the greatest voice, but she certainly has a flare of her own. And more importantly, she has her very unique signature voice, no one could copy her. I like this song, probably her greatest hit from the 80s. I remember listening to that song when I was a little girl, and it always remain like a somewhat fascination.

YouTube is the PLACE to listen to good old songs, but its also a fun place to discover bands that otherwise, you might never listen to. One of my newest find is a cool wicked band of the name of Roosevelt. They have an electric groove of their own and their tunes are all really nice, which you can listen too while reading this very fantastic blog.

Roosevelt even has a cool song title Montreal:

This one is also good.

Now, you are intoxicated for good. Roosevelt is your new love, after me of course.

Its the strangest thing ever, but Loblaw admitted that they have conspired to fix the price of bread since 2001??!!!! And now, to compensate us, poor consumers, Loblaw is now offering a $25 card. The offer started today, you can click here to register and get a $25 card available to spend in any Loblaw/Provigo store. You'll received the card withing 6 to 12 weeks. If you choose to register in any lawsuit, you'll be able to, but Loblaw warns, the $25 that you received within 6 to 12 weeks will be deduct of any new amount that you may received. Formal lawsuits haven't been launched yet, but I hope it did. If so, it could take a while, but each and single consumers who had bought bread between 2001 and today could received $100, maybe $200. Such amount would be better than just a $25. Or at least a $50. Anyhow, I happily register to get my hand on a free $25, especially now that I am dealing with a super compress budget for the next 12 months. Its going to be rough and tough.

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