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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B)

Only 3 days left to the month of January. For this month, my expenses were of $1 458.15, which is quite good. I like to keep my receipts, and I write down the amounts spend in my agenda on a daily basis. I find it help me to cut off my expenses. Its actually help a lot. Another trick is not to buy any new clothes. The only extra expense I did this month was to get a hair cut. I was planned for getting an hair cut only on March 31, but I couldn't stand myself anymore. I have long hair, but when they get below down the shoulders, I just can't stand myself. So rather than cutting them myself, I decided it was wiser to pay a visit to the hair dresser. And so did I, and I feel better. In result, I should be able to find easily my next investment, and of course, so I did.

Its actually nothing new, I wrote about this one in the past, but I am now thinking more seriously about investing in Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B). Rogers Communication offer an interesting dividend and the company make good money, so why not. RCI.B is a pretty good stock pick. Its getting harder and harder to pick some new stocks for my portfolio because I already have so many of them... This investment portfolio of mine is getting XXL.

For many years, I had been holding to some Agrium stocks inside my non-registered portfolio. Agrium seems to be a lot better than Potash, so I stick to Agrium stocks only and I ever invested in Potash because Agrium seem to be much better... And I was right all the way of course. I had made fantastic capital gain on AGU, everything was perfect... until Agrium announced its merger with Potash. The two companies are now known as Nutrien Ltd (NTR). Unfortunately, NTR is not as powerful as Agrium was when it was standing alone. I lost some great value inside my portfolio because of this new business situation for Agrium. In the immediate time, I don't think that NTR can anytime catch up the old value and success that Agrium had. Its just really disappointing. And just to make things worst, I didn't find any info yet regarding NTR dividend. I have no idea of how much the dividend yield will be. I like stocks that bring capital gains in the house and Nutrien Ltd is just there yet. 

I had less than $500 available in my TFSA account to invest and this past Friday, I decided to quickly invest in Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B). Now that the CSeries can be sell in the US, everything is now possible for BBD.B stocks - It could, why not... reach the $5 per stock.... Which is ridiculous in a way, because its nothing substantial, $5 per stock... But I like to play sometimes and I am willing to risk, but only a cute tiny amount of cold fresh cash into Bombardier, and only for my benefit. I hope for a quick hit-and-sell move. Can Bombardier reached the $4 per stock Monday morning?

YES, please.

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