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Monday, January 22, 2018

Hello, happy savers

I was thinking about that annual budget I kept writing about, and I had forgot two annual expenses: my Norton antivirus subscription and my accounting fee for my 2017 tax declaration. Once you begin writing down all the ultra necessary expenses, you quickly realize that life is not cheap and there's just no easy way to save money other than the hard way. My current budget is super strict, but I don't have any problem to respect it, at least so far. Something that is helping me a lot is to pay all living expenses, or most of it, using cash. I currently have a credit of $55.60 on one of my credit card, which I partly happily use to pay for grocery today... Living on the viable minimum is doable, and among the way, you get use to it, and it become a way of living. I haven't push the saving habit that hard for a really long time. I used to be really good at this, but I didn't lose any of my natural flair in that matter.

I have an upcoming trip to Cuba coming really shortly so I am just trying my best to reduce my daily expenses, especially knowing that others are to come... At least my trip is already paid for.

Currently, my net worth is about the same as it was back in December 29... of last year (2017), about $221 000. Nothing is easy on the stock market right now. Even the USA are dealing with problems of their own with the nation budget. Its quite something to see the most powerful country of the world going through a complete government shutdown on their expenses. Its such a pity. And there's absolutely no better example on why we should all be working hard at saving money. We cannot simply rely on no one, especially the USA. Its our duty to make the most of our money, and especially those poor Montrealers who have no choice. They have to accept those very high tax increased.

Quebeckers are well known for being cheaters and liars, and Valérie Plante is not any different from the cheap crowd. I unfortunately had confident in her, I felt she was less hypocrite than Denis Coderre, but oh mistake, Valérie Plante is just like any other Montreal mayor who had been before her: pure fresh incompetent. And I am satisfy in my ego in a certain way, because all this confirm what I had always said when it come to Quebeckers. Real people good at playing their cheap attitude cards. In her case, Valérie Plante had made a promised, not to increase the municipal taxes more than the inflation rate. However, currently, the average tax bill will go up by 3.3 per cent int he upcoming year.



Believe me when I say, this is not a racist behavior, its a measure to protect myself, and any other outsiders from the lack of caring in Quebec society. I like to document my blog with real facts surrounding my financial life and I am only doing it for one reason: to help others in the best way that I can. Its my legacy and despite the fact that you'll never know who I am, I will always give the best of my advices, the best of my financial advices, all the best of me for $0.

You cannot trust mayors like Valérie Plante. She's not the real deal. Valérie Plante is the perfect example of a Quebecker which you cannot trust. And its why its really important not to own a home or a condo while living in such an awful place. Citizens are paying for nothing, and I don't want to be one of those dumb ass. Unfortunately, I am paying in a way or another, because its probably sure that this tax increase will reflect on my rent somehow. But its better to be a renter, its less of a big financial stress. And I truly don't believe int he richness of the Montreal house market.

Even Amazon agree.


Anonymous said...

You mention drivers license renewal in your budget, but what about the following:

-car payments (if applicable)
-gas for car
-insurance for car
-maintenance for car

Sunny said...

I don't have to pay for :
-car payments (if applicable)
-gas for car
-insurance for car
-maintenance for car

Because I don't own a car.
I only drive when I am in New Brunswick. I am afraid to get kill if I drive in Montreal.


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