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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

These days, Donald Trump turn me on

Its hard to say where I actually stand with it comes to Donald Trump because sometimes, I can get really upset at him, and other times, Donald Trump is my hero. What I admire in Donald Trump is mostly hos family values. He doesn't give a damn of what people think and he doesn't hesitate to put some close family members in his political surrounding - and that's something super fresh and arrogant but no else seem to really care. In other words: Donald Trump can do whatever he wants, no one can certainly stop him!

I also like Donald Trump very strong political views: I like the idea of blocking some immigrants coming from terrorist countries to go visit the USA. Its a brave decision, and need to remain. We should be doing the same in Canada. Anytime someone from an Islamic terrorist country visit a democratic one, there's a risk. Why should we risk anything for others? Muslims should remain between them. Even better, Muslims should be ban from Canada. I don't like seeing Muslims people around me and I don't like to see young girls wear a veil, its an act of pure oppression and here in Canada, young women shouldn't be allow to wear veils. Here in Canada, we are not brave enough to discuss real problems. And Muslims are a problem that we have to deal with now because we had welcomes those immigrants we shouldn't have.

I love Donald Trump because he's a hard leader. I love Donald Trump he speaks. When he said that Haiti is a shit country, Haiti is a shit country. But no else has the courage to say so. Industrial countries have a lot of money to Haiti but because corruption and poor quality leaders of the like of Michaëlle Jean who are good at spending big money big time rather than focusing on solution - because of poor Haiti leaders like Michaëlle Jean, all the money we give to Haiti goes up to nothing at all. No one should get upside when Donald Trump only say the cold hard true. Because at the end, we are the ones who have to deal with those Haitian immigrants.

I like Donald Trump because he's simply to afraid to break outsiders, and market agreements. And he makes sure that absolutely everything serve the interest of the US, no no one else. I like Donald Trump because he's selfish, and absolutely don't care of the opinion of others. And he's about to shake up things so deeply that at the end, the US will get only richer.

Donald Trump is only a strange - but positive role leader. NAFTA could go on and off, even me, I am totally blindness, I have no intuitions on what is going to open what so ever. I am like Trump, completely dead inside.

I love you Donald Trump, and you save NAFTA, I am willing to reward you mister with a massage.

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Anonymous said...

TSX is in a funk and some dividend stocks are getting hit hard. Those who are diversified in the US (and internationally) are doing much better.
I can't blame investors as we have increasing taxes where the US has reduced taxes. We have governments who are collectively killing the housing market. We have consumers with too much debt. We have huge NAFTA risk. We have energy stocks that nobody wants and the government doesn't care about supporting. We have more regulations where the US is reducing regulations.

Not an ideal environment for stocks which are forward looking.


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