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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bernard Madoff misery explain in The Wizard of Lies

I registered to CraveTV a few days ago and I just finished watching The Wizard of Lies with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. The movie is about the Bernard Madoff story. I knew the big lines about the affair, I knew that one of his sons had committed suicide and that his wife was still living, but I didn't know much other than that. I have never been interested in learning more about this sad story. It shocked me every time whenever a financial fraud is being committed. And there'S so many of them! I am under the impression that The Wizard of Lies is being really close to the real events. De Niro is as always really great and I actually didn't even recognize Michelle Pfeiffer, absolutely amazing in the role of Madoff wife.

Did you know that the Royal Bank of Canada (RY) had lost $40.4 million Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities? From quick searches, it seems to be the only Canadian institution being directly involved with Madoff but there could be more. Maybe some didn't get disclosed. Anyhow, in the case of RY, it seems like the millions lost a couple years ago didn't affect their affairs that much. RY recently announced - once again - really good financial results and beat up market expectations with a 9% profit.

Did being said, it's with those types of scandalous affairs that you get to learn to manage your own money by your own needs. Not that it's actually that easy to be a self-made investor, but when you can make it on your own, it's rewarding. However, from the moment you place your really first investment in the stock market, your life never remains the same. Because it's not enough to be working full-time, on top of that, you need to take care of the everyday market shit. But a girl needs to do what she needs to do. Some days are harder than others, and some days are easier. My stocks always remain in my mind and little that I knew back then when I made my first investments about 10 years ago that investment and the whole stock market deal would have become a big part of my life. Because the stock market is now an easy place to be. There are always millions of insecurities and currently, North Korea is one, NAFTA is another one, and so on. The financial world never stops turning around, for the better or the worst.

Knowing how many problems we are having to close an interesting NAFTA deal, I am really concern about Justin Trudeau turning his back on Chinese over the Aecon deal. Trudeau is doing a big mistake. If Trudeau would be smart enough, he would have accepted Aecon deal. We are in deep need of new financial partners and China could do the thing. But Justin Trudeau is too childish and irresponsible to understand the extreme necessity of new financial partnerships. It's an emergency. We cannot rely on the USA anymore.

This being said: never trust anyone when it comes to your money, neither a financial firm, or the government. No place is safe because dummies reside in both places. However, I know the perfect source of information that is always fair and in which you can trust. You can follow the link right here and dinner will be serve. Always.


Anonymous said...

"Canada must retain control of our large and historic companies, because if we keep losing them we become weaker and weaker"

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny, Why is the Aecon deal good for Canada?

Anonymous said...

Be carefull or China will buy everything.


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