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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CHP.UN)!

It was an amazing day in Montreal, very warm temperature and for the very first time of the year, I went on the Mont-Royal, and it was quite nice. It changes from the daily gym routine.


With a TSX now being so close of the 16 000 points, I am now a bit more confident, I may have after all my chance to hit on a $300 000 by the end of the year after all! I got really excited today as I saw the TSX closing on 15 910.81 points. And oh surprise, my net worth is about $225 310 right now. It will be a good fight for the next couple months but I am pretty sure I can easily make it to the $250 000 without too many problems.

One of my most recent investment, Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (REF.UN) is no longer trading on the TSX. To compensate, I received a mix of cash and some Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CHP.UN) brand new stocks. This is quite nice because now, the usage of my margin is reduced to $98 023.48. But unfortunately, during the process, my dividend income had been reduced of $19.20. Nothing significant. The best thing I am getting out of this Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CHP.UN) is a nice reduction of my margin, which I am looking forward to decreasing.

Good news regarding Quebecor Inc. - yesterday, they announced a 100% increase of their dividend.

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