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Monday, May 14, 2018

With Spring comes new friends

Check out my new furry friend that wake me up early in the morning these days... that's him... Little bird, but loud little voice... But so cute! Adorable little happy angel making sure that mommy wake up early in the morning! I like to open my back door and listen to the little birds playing around.

I was sicked for the past couple days, but please don't tell my old folks in New Brunswick because I didn't tell them, so they won't worry for nothing. I was sicked for a good 48 hours. Its started with heavy feaver, which make me checked if the heat of my apartment was on.. I mean I never have fever in my adult life, I just didn't knew what I had. I am never sick, so what was going on? But after, I start having muscle pain and I was feeling weak, I couldn't beat the feeling. I went to bed early, wake up, eat (but I shoudln't!!!!), went back to bed, and...... when I wake up... it was insane.... I will avoid all graphic details, but I visit my toilet many many times during the night, almost every hour and when there was nothing left inside of me to expell... I started shaking, I was really really cold. I never felt that bad before. However, 48 hours later, all good, pretty is back to normal. And no more shit is inside of me! I am clean from inside and out.


In French, its name the gastro. Well, I got the gastro for the first time of my life. And its the first time in a really long time that got so badly sick.

I didn't suffer for nothing. I lost 7 pounds in the process within 48 hours... WOW. 
But I felt really weaked following that. I could barely clean up the mess, but I did. I have too!
And to reward myself I wnt to a shopping trip at Simons (new bath rug was needed, do I have to explain why???)

Anyhow, all this being said, if you get the gastro, you'll feel like you are about to die, but you'll survive.

During that time of in deep suffering, my TSX was performing quite well. This is God trying to make up to me. I am not suppose to get sick. Its hard to take. Its an insult to my ego.

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