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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My net worth is now close to the $230 000 value

Recently, many of my stocks had increased their dividend distribution: Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A), Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust (CAR.UN), Loblaw Companies (L), Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), TMX Group Inc. (X) and Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX). Today, it was the turn of Hydro One Limited (H) to increase its dividend distribution. With all of those increases, my annual dividend income (excluding RRSP, like always), is now at a good $8 571.73. This is getting quite interesting because I am getting closer to the 12k in annual dividend - which for me will be the breaking point in term of dividend income, just like the 300k net worth is my must-have of the moment.

While exceeding the 16 000 points, my TSX is making me really happy. I currently estimate my net worth to be very very close to the $230 000 value. A day like today was perfect. However, I got scared when my love stock Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) suddenly went down from $120 to $110 per share for no obvious reasons. Investors can be so big suckers. Selling PBH? Such a bad move. Don't be a dumb ass like the Quebecker Jean-François Tardif of JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) or you won't have what it take to recognize a good investment from a bad one and you'll have to deal with no positive returns. I love bitching about Tardif because while I am on top, JFS.UN is giving absolutely nothing back in term of value to their investors. Actually, Tardif has the same intelligence of any Quebeckers, and that being: NONE.

Ahah! Poor poor baby! BANG! In your pretty face, now all destroyed. Wish me the same, wish me bad returns, and just watch it going exactly in the opposite direction. Because no one have any control over me and I am just too good at this investment game. I can't be better. And I won't even try.

Other than PBH, Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) made interesting gains, even Aphria Inc. (APH) registered some gains and I am quite sure that APH is going to hit on its old $20 value sooner or later. With all of that good stuff, my non-registered portfolio decided to close today session at $189 024.98. Since I still had over 5k in TFSA contribution, I decided to take my BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO): shares inside my non-registered portfolio and have them transferred over my TFSA. I now only have left a contribution room of $3 385. We are slowly getting there. Without my BMO shares, my TFSA portfolio closed the session at $70 482, which its highest value ever registered.

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