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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN) no longer trades on the TSX

As you learned in the previous post, I will be turning 38 years old in 3 months. So time is passing by and I need to act fast. However, no worries, while getting ready to pay for my groceries today, I was asked - once again, because it had happened before - if I was a student. I should have answered yes. I would have received a discount, but I will next time. Looking young need to serve at something after all. I think I could have been the mother of the cashier actually... I get extra excited whenever I am being asked if I am a student, it's my turn on.

Yesterday was a really difficult day on the TSX. It's quite scary to see the TSX going on so easily under the magical mark of 16 000 points. If you want a proof that anything related to bad Euro news is bad for the stock market, well, you had received the proof of that yesterday. Italy had been dealing with problems for decades now. It's not an escape from the Euro zone that will resolve anything, just like its not the upcoming elections in Quebec province that will resolve anything. It take willingness and discipline to resolve problems. One thing is missing out from Quebeckers to be successful: the smartness of a New Brunswicker mind - and that being of course all the power of my intelligence. Some like me are really practical and aren't affraid of absolutely anything. The brighness resides in the fact that I am smart enough to spot the perfect good stock, even if they are Quebec ones.

On another note, one great stock of mine had been delisted from the TSX: Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN). Pure Industrial had been acquired by Blackstone Property Partners and Ivanhoé Cambridge. In result, AAR.UN got delisted. Sad thing and it's leaving me with the dirty task to find a new stock to invest in inside my TFSA. Since WSP is performing so well inside my portfolio. NA and BMO had announced a dividend increased. However, bank stocks can be quite sensible to any Euro bad news, so I won't invest again in a bank stock for now - I am that really smart.

I have a crush on WSP Global Inc. (WSP). I am simply taking advantage of my pure money love.

And during that time, I am trying to figure out the destiny of my margin account since its being said that the Bank of Canada will increase rate this summer...

Nothing is easy in this word but I can still kick ass with my precious WSP shares.

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