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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Damn! Have a look at a girl with a $230,902.04 net worth!!!!!

All-day long, the TSX amazed me. I refresh at a different time of the day, and I was quite shocked to see the TSX exceeding the 16 800 points. The TSX finally closed the day on a happy 16,834.75‬ points. Despite feeling a bit tired from my day of work, I knew I really had to update my portfolio. After all, we don't know what tomorrow will bring. Every new day is a different day for the stock market. So I wanted to celebrate those brilliant 16,834.75 points in my own little way. I published an update of my portfolio.

My numbers are quite strong. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $118,767.77, my TFSA portfolio at $80,633.94, and my RRSP portfolio at $46,287.28. With a margin account debt of $47,921.23, my net worth is currently made of $230,902.04. It's pretty good, especially knowing how rocky the year of 2019 had been. And I don't know if you remembered, but I had started my 2019 financial year on quite a bad note. Back on January 4 of this year, I only had $238 656.07 in assets, and my net worth was well below the 200k - my net worth was at a low $191 009.83. Within 9 months, my net worth gains $39,892.21, which is quite good. 

It's quite good, but don't get fool by this $230,902.04. It might look impressive at first, but the fact is, I had in the past hit on higher net worth. The highest value I ever reached of my life was back in August 2018. At that time, my net worth was at $232 609.15. It's unfortunate, but the crisis in the Middle East is probably going to push the TSX over the 17 000 points quite soon. I just don't really get what had happened, but it seems to me that it wouldn't take much for us to be facing a Third World War over the recent events. I don't get a feeling that any world leaders are getting stress over this. It's almost like nothing had happened. And the TSX just continue growing and growing. I often tell you so, but I stopped trying to understand the stock market a long time ago because a lot of it simply doesn't make any common sense at all. In a time when war could be imminent, why the stock market is celebrating and making great gains? This stock market thing is all shit and doesn't smell good. It's not a healthy place to be as a person. Personally, I am fully taking advantage of the situation. It's not making me a bad person, I am just taking advantage of the situation. I had been investing for the past 11 years now and trust me, it hasn't always been fun. It actually had been the hell of a tough ride, but there's nothing I cannot handle. Trouble ahead? Please bring it on. I am ready. I had patiently been waiting for a recession to show up. In the meantime, I am enjoying my place on the TSX like a Queen. It's for moments like this that I am investing. To feel better than myself.

I am celebrating now my $230,902.04 net worth because you never what tomorrow will be made of.

Right now, I would like to just have a good idea for my next investment, but nothing had been happening lately. No magic, no new investment, just a sexy net worth.

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Mike Sauer said...

Congratulations! Investing is hard, especially when the market pulls back. I'm amazed that you have been so consistent for so many years!! Good luck with your goals.


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