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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Welcome in my RRSP portfolio Leon's Furniture Limited (LNF)!

Yesterday, I did my move, I proceed with the purchase of some Leon's Furniture Limited (LNF) stocks, but only inside my RRSP portfolio. And today, I was seriously looking at selling the RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN) stocks that I hold inside my TFSA. But I wanted to proceed with the sell only when the price allows me to cover the commission fee of $9.99. I am so almost there, but not there yet. So the new investment for my TFSA will have to wait for now. I prefer to sell REI.UN before proceeding with any new purchase for my TFSA. That way, I will have more cash power to make a super great investment. The only little problem I have at this time is that I don't know what that super great investment will be made of.  I did some quick browsing on Stockopedia but nothing great show up. 

At first, I had my views on TerraVest Industries Inc. (TVK), but I find that the overall chart is not strong enough. It's getting better now, but the general picture is not good enough.

While picking a stock to invest in, it's among the first thing I check: the overall chart. I will go as far as twenty years ago and I want a chart that goes only up. Those stocks are quite hard to find. Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) is kind of having the style of chart I want, but the stock is like super expensive. I don't understand why this one is not going over a split or something.

 If you want an example of what a perfect overall chart look like, take a good look at my baby CNR.

And of course, I own Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) in my portfolio. I need to find a new gem that will lead to a beautiful future. Now the question is: where am I going to find it? WHERE ARE YOU.


Anonymous said...

I'm not selling RioCan. With the interest rate going down, the REITs will be doing great. The unrealized capital gain/loss variations in this one are not important, it's the safe and juicy dividend that counts. In monthly chart, this REIT is right there in the middle of its price range since 2011. The week to week up and down is just noise

Anonymous said...

Thinking of buying some shares of LNF too but too expensive..
What do you think about ADN, Acadian Timber?
Like your blog BTW!

Sunny said...

ADN is looking nice, but I find the dividend yield is just too high. And the wood sector is not just saved. We still have trade war about wood between Canada-US, so it's a bit hard for me to consider ADN as a good investment. I would personally go with another option.

Sunny said...

I don't like REI.UN because the stock value just simply don't go up.
It's just holding on to some JFS.UN units: totally useless.


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