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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

More dividend candy coming from Fortis Inc. (FTS) for ME

It's really unfortunate. Sometimes, the magic happen, sometime not. I haven't been able to find any extraordinary stocks on Stockopedia from the search I conduct this past weekend. Actually, Id id find some stuf, but not exactly pow-wow. Yesterday, I was really getting ready to sell General Mills Inc. (GIS), but the little bastard started going on so.. I don't kill a stock that desperately want to live in my portfolio.

Today, Fortis Inc. (FTS) announced an interesting dividend increase. FTS had been in my non-registered portfolio for a real long time now. Thank for you the free cash Fortis Inc.! Let's go! On that happy note, the TSX closed today session at a good 16,522.65 points.

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