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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Surprise: I have a new investment for my very awesome portfolio!

This past weekend, following the extraordinary results at the closing for the TSX, I had no choice, I had to publish an update of my investment portfolio because I knew the numbers were about to make be look good, like a Queen of the Queens. And I was totally right. On the date of this past Friday, my net worth was of $231 531.13. I could beat up my highest net worth value ever ($232 609.15, which was on the date of August 3, 2018). The TSX closed today under the magic 16 800 points. Personally, I am happy whenever the TSX is exceeding the 16 600 points.

I just don't understand the moves of the Democrats in the US, pushing forward for the destitution of Donald Trump, especially since they are so close of another election cycle. I remember reading that the Democrats leader wasn't in favor of moving forward with a request for the destitution of Trump - and that wasn't too long ago. So I don't understand why now the Democrates are moving forward. It could be that they are afraid that Trump is going to be reelected. All that drama is going to cost a lot of money to the US.

I had been moved by Greta Thunberg message. I already recycle. I live alone and I full one big blue transparent bag per 2 weeks. I began to check on stuff I could improve, to reduce my waste. First of all, it's really unfortunate, but being a woman create more waste than being men. I guess I don't have to explain why. On that matter, knowing that I create waste because of that special female condition, I am trying to cut on another type of waste. Among my daily waste: make-up remover cotton pads. That purchased was easily made. Make-up remover pads can be expensive. I use between one to 2 of them every day. I bough a bungle of 8 reusable ones, which will help me to save money on the long run. Another waste is when I buy coffees.. I plan to buy this Collapsible Pocket Cup, in pink of course

I admit it, it took me some time, but I had set my mind on a new investment idea: Metro Inc. I know, I am surprise as well, but Metro is a reliable stock, a super perfect match for my portfolio.

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Anonymous said...

I think Biden is Obama version 2.0 and he seemed to offer the same old status-quo, so the Democrats are basically digging up as much reasons as they could to begin impeachment of Trump. It'll be fun to watch this scenario unfolding, but I think the chaos and play by play cliffhanger is going to cause market volatility and thus create buying opportunities like we had towards the end of 2018, which can be a good thing for some of us.

The democrats still don't seem to get it. People who voted for Trump, voted for him because he thinks out of the box. Whereas Biden still thinks in the box. Trump might be the antecedent of the things we dislike the most and react to them, but he represented what people really want; real dramatic change in action rather than just cheap talk. He is causing change not only to traditional US politics, but on the sub-molecular level threatening also the very existence of corruption and hypocrisy that the Democratic party also represents. So that's why the Democrats are musseling their wits to find ways to depose Trump before he gets re-elected the next 4 years. Because the next 4 years will cause Americans to begin thinking; why there is only 2 parties? Why only the Republicans and Democrats? Why can't we have new parties other than the 2 incumbents? Democrats see this, are afraid of this happening and are going into action, in the name of justice and normality to depose Trump. Of course, they have help from CNN as well.

In regards Greta; I championed her drive and tenacity and I am seeing a lot of young people doing this in regards to the environment, gun violence, banking etc.. Basically, the young are challenging the old school establishments like our parents did in the early 70s. The environment is a sticky point, because did you know that in some environment forum and meetings with the Canadian Energy Council (Energy Council Canada) with other world energy producers that there are bullying going from old school fossil fuel conglomerate harassing younger engineers and thinkers of green energy to suppress new ideas to better the environment. There are billions of dollars at stake; oil and gas is big for Canada especially for Alberta. It was a surprise to me that one of the people who works for Energy Council Canada and go on tour to mentor young people told me that the biggest bully in Canada is people from Alberta and its new premier. Canada has a number of innovative green initiatives as well as the US. What Greta came to elude to us is that these adults, or bullies are more into profits and themselves rather than carrying for the whole planet. They are supporting the Nationalists, because Nationalists like to manipulate people to think that fossil fuel is key to growth. But it's funny that some fossil fuel producers like the Saudis for instance are using Renewables to power their old school fossil fuel production to save on costs. And yet, these people bully others to keep environmentally friendly energy alternatives at bay.


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