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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sometimes, a girl desperately needs a new brilliant stock idea

Other than getting my pretty self on a $300 000 net worth, my secret DREAM is to see the TSX hit on the 17 000 points. And it's looking like it could happen sooner than later! The past couple of days had been quite exciting. The TSX closed Friday session at 16,682.42 points. I didn't have time to update my portfolio value this weekend, but I am pretty sure that I might be right on the $230 000 net worth at this time. If it's not the case, I should be really closed. So that's pretty awesome because I began to feel quite bored with my $220 000 net worth. It's really unfortunate, but when it comes to money, more is better. 

This past week, Savaria Corporation (SIS) increases its monthly dividend distribution. It's been said:

“The integration of Span-America and Garaventa Lift is progressing well and according to plan, and our financial position remains solid. We, therefore, have decided to increase our dividend by 9.4%,” declared Marcel Bourassa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Savaria.

Ok, well, that works for me buddy! :-)

You may have notice, but I own some Savaria Corporation (SIS) stocks in my non-registered portfolio, TFSA portfolio, AND RRSP portfolio. When I first invested in SIS, I really liked this stock, so I pack a few goodies a bit everywhere like if it was salt and pepper. Not that I don't like Savaria Corporation (SIS) anymore, but for the past year, it's value kept going down, which I find quite annoying, and because of that, I secretly wanted to sell some of my SIS stocks... I didn't want to risk losing money... but now that SIS announced their dividend increased, the value of SIS had been going up. Not as high as it been before, but it's a good little jump in the right direction. So no, I won't be selling SIS for now.

Other than SIS, I was looking forward to sell RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN), BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO) and General Mills Inc. (GIS), but I didn't proceed with any sell move. These days, my financial life is pretty boring. The worst part is certainly not having any new stock idea to invest in. For a little while, my big thing was to dream about Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Class A Limited Voting Shares (BAM.A).For weeks, if not for months, all I wanted was to get my hands on some BAM.A. I did, BAM.A had grown strong in my TFSA portfolio ever since. But now, I have nothing new that bring on some sort of excitement and this all feels pretty boring. At a point, it's feeling like this is all too easy, to pick a good stock, invest in them a bit of money and watched it grow. I started investing in stocks shortly before the 2008 stock crash. I didn't get a Cinderella easy dreamy start on the TSX. So I deserved to have it easy now. If my TSX wants to hit on the 17 000 points, it will make things just way much easier. Without a good TSX, I am really much nothing.  But now, the TSX is in a good mood, and I should be just right at my place where I belong: on top of the world.

Currently, my only desperation is not to have any investment dream, it's just that. Nothing is coming to me at this point and I have more than $1 000 in cash inside my TFSA that is waiting and doing absolutely nothing. It's a shame. 

Another problem that I have is that my latest investment, which was in Leon's Furniture Limited (LNF) didn't fulfill me in term of excitement and happiness that I normally feel while investing in a new stock. The reason why is that I didn't want to invest in LNF in the first place, but I finally did because it was a Derek Foster stock, no other reason. I am just missing the thrill that I usually while having in mind a stock that I really really to invest in, or the feeling of satisfaction that usually comes while investing in a new stock. I am just stuck in a weird place right now and I hope that feeling won't stay in too long.

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