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Monday, September 2, 2019

Happy Labour Day, TSX Investors!

I always loved long weekend. 3 days off is better than 2 days. Those are like perfect quiet time to do my nails and check on some important stuff: my portfolio. This past session was great for the TSX. At 16 444 points this past Friday, my non-registered portfolio closed at $115,272.14, my TFSA portfolio at $79,309.08 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $45,786.89. I had updated my investment portfolio. Altogether, my portfolios worth $272,976.33‬. My net worth is now at ‭$226,482.26‬, which is an increased of exactly $345.21 compare to June 2019. The gains are little, but at least, I am not decreasing in value. Currently, we are facing so many challenging, a recession might not be too far away, but right now, the worst is between Trump and China. The trade war is creating a lot of volatility on the stock market. It's the main reason why I only own a +$345.21 gains compare to June of this year - that and fact that I didn't get serious about saving money during the past couple of months. But now, September is already in so that is about to change. 

As you have noticed, I have some cash available to invest inside my TFSA portfolio and RRSP portfolio. I was thinking about transferring the cash I had in my TFSA portfolio into my non-registered one to pay down my margin debt, but that was until I suddenly wake up. In recent years, Derek Foster came along with some new stock ideas and it seems like at first, I never really like what he's investing in. It's just several days later that I wake up and suddenly told myself: wake up bitch, you need that stock and you need to do just like Derek Foster. 

It's funny, but it's how things had been working lately between Derek Foster stock picks and me. In his latest newsletter, Derek Foster informs our poor soul that he had invested in Leon's Furniture Limited (LNF). So I am going to do exactly like him - again - at least when it comes to the cash I have inside my TFSA portfolio. I  am just trying to remember right now what was the last stock I had invested in that was a Derek Foster stock. Could it be Enbridge? I don't know for sure. I am just too lazy to conduct the search on my own blog.

In defense of Derek Foster and not mine, Leon's Furniture Limited (LNF) has a nice chart, pay a good dividend distribution (3.5%). And on top of that, LNF is quite well rank on Stockopedia. Over there, LNF is enjoying a 99 StockRank, as well as a Super Stock nomination. So I mean what better can I get? It's getting harder and harder for me to find the perfect stock for my almost perfect investment portfolio. It's just that Leon's Furniture Limited (LNF) doesn't bring in any sort of excitement to me. I don't know why. Maybe it's a good sign after all. Anyhow, tomorrow, I will be investing a bit of money in LNF. An investment in  Leon's Furniture Limited (LNF) certainly will be better than any money investing in Jean-François Tardif 's JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). JFS.UN is going no where and cannot bring any richness to smart investors like I am. I am just glad that I don't hold any JFS.UN unit in my portfolio anymore.

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