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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

An ordinary day for the TSX

The scratch on my right knee is healing well and I don't regret staying here in Montreal. We had another beautiful day, with some rain in the afternoon. The sun came back within a few hours. I went swimming later on in the evening, and it started raining again. The weather is very perfect - despite the rain, just the way I like it. Montreal is really feeling like a dream right now. The month of July is also really perfect in its own way because I will be receiving not 2, but 3 paychecks. 

I spent quite of bit of money so far this summer, but I am now slowing it down a bit on the expenses. The good weather makes it easier to cook a meal at home, so I just have no excuse. It's still more than $2,000 that I will have at my disposal by the end of the month, after everything is paid off. I was thinking to invest half of the sum and keeping the other half as savings. If you have any good money available, I strongly suggest putting some money aside as savings. Yes, it's boring, and yes it's tempting to invest it all - like I normally do - but with inflation and a recession at our door, it will be wise to build up a bit more savings, just to play it safe. I am actually thinking about keeping it all in savings.

Just a few days ago, I wanted to buy some jam, but I land up paying $6.99 for it. It's normally always on sale at Shoppers, but it wasn't at the time. The one I like was at that price, which I still remember to this date. This being said, I didn't shop around to see if I could get the so-wanted jam at a lower price. I normally don't buy an item if it's too expensive, but I did pay for it that time... It's something quite insulting to me. I eventually got over it, but it makes me realize that inflation is really here and that at some points, I may have to pay more than I expect for some everyday items. However, I will try as much as possible to stick to my no-buy rule when something is too expensive for my taste. I don't really need jam to live, but some jam is too good with pancakes, even at $6.99.

And here it is, my favorite jam. Delicious! :-)

I have more than just my favorite jam pic to share. Here are a few pictures.

I like the view of construction a bit everywhere in Montreal...

The TSX closed today's session on 18,678.64 points, leaving my non-registered portfolio at $138,878.14, my US portfolio at $4,789.50, my RRSP portfolio - stocks-only - at $63,321.75 and my TFSA portfolio at $117,021.67. It's expected that the Bank of Canada will raise rates tomorrow. We'll see how the TSX handles it. Since it's my last couple of days of vacation, I probably won't be in front of my laptop to look at what's going on.

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