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Monday, July 25, 2022

Surprise, my net worth is probably is the $333,000! Yeah.

The Pope had arrived in Canada, but you won't see me on any of the sites he's visiting. I am Catholic, I had been baptized, but I am not in favor of the Catholic Church. The best way to be a "good Catholic" in my opinion is to completely stay outside of the regular Catholic Church system. I feel quite bad for all those indigenous people, willing to find sympathy in the excuses deliver by the Pope. I understand it may mean something to some of the survivers and beyond, but I personally just don't get it. As far I may confirm, the Pope Francis is nothing more than an old man who can barely walk. The adorators of the Pope are nothing more than weak followers. They don't know it, but the oranization of the Catholic Church is very far from God and is real deep evil, with Church looking like palaces and the Vatican being super rich. That's not the Church that I want to be in.

I don't have faith in Pope Francis, but I do have total faith in my belove TSX.

Too bad, the TSX closed the week under 19,000 points. My non-registered portfolio is still going strong and closed this past Friday's session at $141 647,39. My US portfolio closed at $4,787.40 US, my RRSP portfolio stocks-only at $64,194.23, and my TFSA portfolio at $119,581.13. My margin account debt is in the $45,900.

Today, my numbers are higher by over $2,500. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $143,410.85, my US portfolio at $4,824.12, my RRSP portfolio - stocks-only - at $64,261.94 and my TFSA portfolio at $120,005.20. I estimate my net worth to be in the $333,000. If its the case, I am now only missing $28,000 before hitting back my old highest value ever of $361,000.

I am going back to New Brunswick in a few days. I no longer have any vacations for the summer, but at least I have the weekends. I love the lakes that we have in my area. This summer, many Quebeckers died while ejoying the outdoors. Some go swimming, and they actually don't know how to swim, and die. Most of the time, I swim like a frog. I can stay in the water for a long time and I actually go swimming almost every day here in Montreal. I am a frog that is a frog who like to be a frog :-)

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